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All staff support requests related to TTPS, including questions about the teaching tracking process, should be submitted to the TTP Business Support Analyst at

Your CWL Account

You can access TTPS by signing in using your Campus Wide Login (CWL) account.

If you do not have a CWL account you can sign up online. If you are UBC staff, create a “staff” account. To create a staff account you will need your employee number and your signup PIN. If you do not know your employee number or signup PIN, please contact your HR administrator.

If you are employed by one of our partner institutions, create a “basic” account. You do not need an employee number or PIN to create a basic account. Both types of accounts will give you access to TTPS.

If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on “Forgot CWL Login Name?” or “Forgot CWL Password” on the UBC CWL myAccount page. If you require further assistance with your CWL, please contact the MedIT Service Desk (1.877.266.0666).

Once you have successfully signed in to TTPS, you may need to adjust your display settings to view all aspects of the system properly. Please follow these directions for adjusting resolution and zoom level to modify to your viewing preferences.

Maintaining Clinical Faculty Information

Approximately 7000 clinical faculty members provide their services to the Faculty of Medicine across the province. Ensuring we have up-to-date information about these clinical faculty members in TTPS requires participation from all departments and units.

Five regional Capture Support roles have been established to support the maintenance of this information. The capture support process is outlined in the Capture Support End-to-End Guide.

If you become aware of new or updated clinical faculty profile information, please contact the appropriate representative on the TTP departmental contact list to ensure the information is added to TTPS.

Group Teaching Documentation

If you have group teaching in your department or unit you are required to have clear documentation detailing the agreement of those participating in the group teaching. Documentation of these agreements is particularly important now as the units, hours, and/or sessions tracked in TTPS act as a record of teaching. Documentation may take the form of an existing department or regional form, an email conversation, or some other written agreement. We have also created a Group Teaching Declaration Form in (PDF) | (Word) for optional use. It is important to note that this form should not be used for joint ventures.

TTP Process Overview

TTPS Track States

​Track State ​Where is the track? ​Definition
DraftWith the Activity TrackerThe Activity Tracker has not entered all the required fields for a complete activity track. The sections  which have all the required information may be saved and the Activity Tracker may return to complete the activity track at a later time. The draft can be found in the "Tracks in Progress" queue.
Ready to SubmitWith the Activity TrackerThe activity track has all the required fields and it can be submitted for activity validation or exception approval.
ReturnedWith the Activity TrackerThe activity track has been returned by the Exception Approver, Activity Validator, or service provider to be corrected by the Activity Tracker.
Pending Exception ApprovalWaiting for approval by the Exception Approver​The activity track has been submitted by the Activity Tracker and is waiting for action by the Expection Approver. The Exception Approver can approve, return, or deny the track based on the exception reasons.
Pending ValidationWaiting for approval by the Activity Validator​The activity track has been submitted by the Activity Tracker and is waiting for action by the Activity Validator. If the activity track is an exception track for a service provider, the exception has been approved by the Exception Approver prior to being sent to the Activity Validator. The Activity Validator can Approve, Return, or Deny the activity track.
DeniedRecorded within the system​The activity track has been stopped by the Exception Approver or Activity Validator. Only activity tracks that should not have existed should be denied. If the information on the activity tracks needs to be corrected the track should be "Returned."
Pending ReviewWaiting for review by the Service Provider​The activity track has been approved by the Activity Validator and it is now available for the service provider to review. Review is not required for eligible payments to be processed.
CompletedTeaching activities have completed review by all concerned parties and activities with eligible payments have been sent to Finance for financial review and processing​At the end of the Verification and Authorization Period all activity tracks are moved to the "Completed" state which indicates that the service provider review period has ended. Activity tracks with eligible payments have been sent to the Financial Authorizer and those with ineligible payments have had their teaching activities finalized as part of the service provider's teaching history.
Expired - System Closed
(retired as of January 2018)
Recorded within the system​The activity track expired if it was not processed within the required system timeframes.

TTPS Roles and Process Flow