For Activity Validators

​What You Need to Know Before You Review

If you have been designated an "Activity Validator " in TTPS, your role is to determine if the activity track information is accurate and whether the track is formally approved or denied. You validate, return for revision or deny activity tracks based on your understanding of Undergraduate Medical Education, scheduling guideline maximums, the Compensation Terms, and exception service providers. In doing this, you are responsible for:

  • Being the first signature for approval to pay;  
  • Reviewing the accuracy of the tracked activity, event and service provider information; 
  • Validating the activity took place and services were received from service provider; 
  • Validating service provider eligibility and adherence to scheduling guideline maximums;
  • Checking validity of track within your business domain; and 
  • Reviewing contested tracks to determine escalation or revision process and communicating them with the service provider(s).

A full explanation of the responsibilities of all roles in the TTP process can be found in the TTP Roles and Responsibilities document.


What to Consider When Reviewing Tracks

You are required to review all activity tracks associated with the part of the curriculum you are responsible for administering. You must review each track for accuracy, including activity, event, and service provider information. When you are validating a track where a service provider is eligible for payment but does not have a dollar value assigned, check the track details in order to confirm that the service provider payee is valid. If the service provider payee is invalid or pending validation, return the track to the Activity Tracker to make the appropriate changes and resubmit. Following your review, you must make a determination and take one of the following actions:

  • Approve the track if it is valid;
  • Return the track for revision by an activity tracker who will resubmit it; or
  • Deny the track if there is a reason why the track should not have been created.

If you deny a track, it will be stopped in the process. It does not return to an activity tracker or move on to an Activity Validator. It is kept as a record in the system. The system will not provide an Activity Tracker with notifications regarding denied tracks, you will need to contact them if the situation requires a follow-up.

If you do not action on an activity track, it will remain in your queue until an action is taken. If you do not action on a track by the time the validation and authorization period expires, the track will not be captured in the service provider's statement for the current quarter, and any associated payments will not be made on time.

What Happens Next

Service Provider Review

When you approve an activity track, service providers are able to view them. The track state will change to say "Pending Review" at this point. Service Providers will be prompted via email once every financial quarter to review their tracked activities. All of your approvals should be completed before this deadline. However, they are able to view them in the system at any time after the first time they sign in to TTPS.

Service Provider Inquiries

If a service provider has any questions or concerns, they will be able to submit an inquiry about specific activity tracks and provide a reason for their inquiry. It will be your responsibility as the Activity Validator to review these queried tracks. Inquiried tracks will appear in your home page queue:

Inquiry 2.PNG

To view the comment submitted open the track and navigate to status log. Upon review you will determine if the track requires revision.

Inquiry 3.PNG

If the track requires revision, you will return it to the Activity Tracker who with revise and resubmit the track. You must re-validate the track within the allotted timelines in order to ensure TTPS records are accurate and appropriate payments are made.

If you deem that the track is accurate and that a revision does not need to be made, you do not need to take any action inside the system. We recommend you follow up with the service provider outside of the system to provide an explanation. Any issues raised or additional inquiries made (such as eligibility or the Compensation Terms) should be escalated as required within your unit. You will be required to follow up with the service provider outside of TTPS in these cases.

If you would like more information about the time periods involved in this process, please review the time periods diagram.

Financial Authorization

Once the Service Provider Review Period is complete, the activity tracks are grouped together for Financial Authorization. Financial Authorizers are responsible for reviewing this high-level financial information, releasing funds for clinical faculty teaching payments and for maintaining budgetary integrity.

If during their review a Financial Authorizer identifies an anomaly, they may flag a set of activity tracks (known as a “Financial Authorization Record”) for removal from the instructions sent to the payment systems. This is expected to happen rarely. The ability to flag a record allows them to investigate further without delaying all clinical faculty payments within a region.

Financial Authorizers are responsible for notifying the appropriate program staff if payment is delayed. Some or all tracks captured in the Financial Authorization Record may need to be re-submitted at a later time.

If the Financial Authorizer flags a Financial Authorization Record, your clinical faculty member may see a “Statement Note” that reads “Teaching Payment Pending Authorization.” Please reach out to the Financial Authorizer for your region if you require more information to answer your clinical faculty member’s questions.


What is TTP-M

“TTP-M” stands for “Teaching Tracking and Payment – Manual.” It is the set of processes and tools for tracking teaching activities that should have been entered into TTPS, but weren't entered within the system timelines.

TTP-M mirrors TTPS in a series of Excel spreadsheets hosted on MedNet. Each department, unit and region has a spreadsheet housed on the TTP Operations SharePoint site. One key difference from TTPS is that TTP-M runs on a monthly cycle, with the spreadsheets being locked for financial processing starting on the last Monday of each month.

Your Role in TTP-M

As with TTPS, your role as an Activity Validator in TTP-M is to provide your approval for activity tracks and associated expectations. To do this you:

  1. Access the TTP Operations SharePoint site;
  2. Select the correct spreadsheet; and
  3. Approve, Reject, or Request Revision in the “AV Status” column, and note any comments the “AV Comments” column.
  4. Email your Activity Tracker to notify them if you have rejected or requested a revision to a track. 

Tracks for which you have provided your approval will move on to the Financial Authorization stage. Starting on the last Monday of each month, education team access to spreadsheets will be suspended while finance teams process payments for approved entries.

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