For Capture Support and Information Analysts

For Capture Support

The Capture Support team is responsible for creating and maintaining service provider profiles within the Teaching Tracking & Payment System.

There are Capture Support representatives in each of the four regions;

IMPNiobe Getty
NMPAmber Rushton
SMPDonna Russo
VFMPKim Lam, Ciara Harris
VFMP - Family PracticeAra Silva

Navigating Change Requests

A Change Request site on MedNet has been created in order to collect and manage new and revised service provider profile information submitted by staff. Due to the sensitive nature of the information in question, all change requests must be submitted to this site (i.e. not via email). Requests will be addressed in order of receipt.

The Required Fields Document outlines the information that is required in order for Capture Support to create a new service provider profile (click here to download an editable Excel version for direct submission to the Change Request Tool). Please provide all information in order to avoid delays in processing. Capture Support will add a new service provider profile or update an existing profile in the system, depending on the nature of the request.

Change Requests may be returned to staff by the Capture Support team from time to time, usually due to incomplete or unclear information. For this reason, it is recommended users either turn on email notifications for the site, or log in regularly to monitor the status of their requests.

For more information on how to turn on notifications for the TTP Change Request site, click here.

Requestors can expect a 7 day turnaround to receive a response to change requests. Please note that if a new Vendor ID is required, turnaround time can be up to two weeks. Returned requests will be closed after a 30-day period of inactivity.

TTPS and Financial Management System (FMS)

While TTPS houses payee information, Financial Management System (FMS) is responsible for processing the payments. The link between TTPS and FMS is the Vendor ID number (VID). The VID is entered on the payee tab of the service provider's profile in TTPS. At the end of each quarter TTPS generates a report that finance uploads to FMS detailing which vendor ID's to pay and how much.

If Capture Support is provided an existing VID, this number can be entered into TTPS. Capture Support will verify the mailing address of the vendor in FMS to ensure it matches the current address in TTPS.

However, if no VID exists for the service provider in FMS, it is the Capture Support team's responsibility to request a new VID. This process involves entering the payee information provided (mailing address, SIN number or business number, etc.) into FMS. Once a VID request has been submitted, FMS will verify the information and provide a new VID to Capture Support. This process can take anywhere from one day to two weeks.

Due to this processing time, there will be a period of time where profiles exists in TTPS, without a VID. Tracks should not be submitted until the VID has been added to the profile. Even if the VID is added later the system will not automatically generate payment later. Activity trackers should never enter "placeholder" VIDs when tracking, as this will result in service providers not receiving payment or the wrong vendor receiving payment.


TTPS houses clinical faculty appointment information and ensures this is synchronized with the appointment information in HRMS. The appointment end date is particularly important as a clinical faculty member with an expired appointment should not be scheduled for teaching. A profile with an expired appointment will not appear for activity trackers to attach to a track. If this is an issue please contact TTP Business Support for assistance.

For Information Analysts

Information Analysts are responsible for verifying the payee information for service provider profiles in TTPS against the Canada Revenue Agency registry.

There are Information Analysts in each of the four regions.

IMPAna Danut
NMPLisa Viik
SMPJeannie Weiss
VFMPJuliet Ho

Validating Payee Information

After Capture Support enters payee information in TTPS, the status of the payee changes to 'Pending Validation'. It is then routed to the Information Analyst's queue for validation.

Information Analysts (IA's) ensure that the business number and/or GST number matches the business name by verifying this information on the Canada Revenue Agency website. The IA may also review the rest of the information on the Payee tab to double check that it is accurate. If the registry matches what has been entered in TTPS, the IA will set the status of the payee to 'validated'. The profile is now complete and available for tracking.

If the information in TTPS does NOT match the CRA registry, the payee status will be set to "invalid" and notes added to explain the discrepancy.  Activity trackers should NOT submit tracks for invalid payees, as the service provider will not receive payment and this profile is not 'finalized'.

If a payee in TTPS is 'invalid', please refer to the validity notes to determine what information is mismatched with what the CRA have on file. Once accurate information has been collected, staff should submit a change request so Capture Support can update the profile, and it can be verified by the IA.

If a profile is showing as 'pending validation' the Activity Tracker(s) should wait 24 hours as this indicates the IA has not yet got to verify the details with the CRA and the profile is not yet entirely complete and ready for tracking. If after 48 hours the profile is still showing as 'pending validation' please contact TTP Business Support. If a track is submitted for a profile that is 'pending validation' no payment will be generated.