For Financial Authorizers

​What you need to know before you review

If you have been designated as a "Financial Authorizer" in TTPS, your role is to provide the second signature for approval to pay. You are accountable for the release of funds for clinical faculty teaching payments each quarter and for maintaining budgetary integrity.

You will review and approve the Financial Authorization Reports for your region. Your approval is based on assumptions of accuracy of the following information validated earlier in the process:

  • Teaching activity information;
  • Event information;
  • Service provider profile information, including eligibility for payment; and
  • Validity of the reason for any exceptions.

 You are not expected to validate transaction details. A full explanation of the responsibilities of all roles in the TTP process can be found in the TTP Roles and Responsibilities document.


What to consider when Reviewing Reports

Following every delivery period there is a defined validation & authorization, as well as a defined payment period. The Financial Authorization Reports are generated during this process and you are required to review them within the designated timeframes. Refer to the TTP Fundamentals, System Timelines section for review deadlines.

The Financial Authorization Reports are issued for each regional program and delivery period. They are separated by number of key components including, teaching method, teaching year, and department or unit.  

You are responsible for flagging budget variances in the Financial Authorization Reports. Teaching payments are required to be in alignment with the approved budget. Anomalies could include amounts significantly different (i.e. larger or smaller) or inconsistent from the other teaching payments in the same category.

You are also responsible for identifying and analyzing signs of suspicious payment information, which may be related to system error, human error, or fraudulent activity. If you identify signs of suspicious payment information, you are responsible for initiating investigation into these anomalies. You are required to notify the Director of Finance, the Senior Administrator and/or Director of Administration (for regional sites) as well as the Senior Director, Education Programs & Services in cases of suspected fraudulent activity.

For each report, you must make a determination and take one of the following actions:

  • Approve the report if there are no anomalies; or 
  • Flag the report if there are any found anomalies and notify the appropriate Activity Validator; or
  • Report suspected fraud.

What Happens Next?

Approved Reports

Once you complete the review of the financial authorization report, sign-off on the report and pass on to the Payment Manager.

Flagged Reports

If you have flagged any transactions which require adjustments or corrections, you are responsible for:

  1. Marking it on the Financial Authorization Report before you handoff the reports to the Payment Manager. The Payment Manager is then responsible for removing the flagged transactions from the payment instruction file.
  2. In these scenarios it is your responsibility to notify the appropriate Activity Validator of the anomalies. They need to know of any transactions which have not moved forward for payment. The Activity Validator is responsible for managing the correction of the transaction and ensuring the tracks are resubmitted for payment as a Missed Track.