For Payment Managers

What you need to know before you review

If you have been designated as a "Payment Manager" in TTPS, you are accountable for accurate payments to clinical faculty members. You are required to ensure accuracy of speed charts, project grants and account codes. You liaise with UBC Financial Operations or UVIC Accounts Payable to ensure payments are processed. You resolve or redirect enquires and issues from UBC Financial Operations or UVIC Accounts Payable. You undertake financial reconciliations.

A full explanation of the responsibilities of all roles in the TTP process can be found in the TTP Roles and Responsibilities document.


What to consider when reviewing the Payment Instruction File prior to upload

Once the approved Financial Authorization Reports appear in your queue, it is your responsibility to review the Payment Instruction File (PIF) to ensure it is ready for submission. Once your review is complete, you are responsible for uploading the Payment Instruction File to the appropriate institution's financial management system.

You may need to edit the PIF. Follow these instructions to do so in Notepad or Excel.

What Happens Next?

If there are any issues with the upload process it is your responsibility to act as the liaison and assist with resolution of the problem at hand. As liaison you will initiate the escalation process through the appropriate Faculty of Medicine channels, you may be required to contact Capture Support or the Business Support Analyst to resolve the issue.  

Once the upload process is complete, it is your responsibility to reconcile the financial transactions with UBC FMS or UVIC FAST.