For read-only users


If you have been granted Read-Only access to TTPS, you have access to view data that has been captured in the system. You will not be involved in the tracking to validation workflow, but will have access to certain search functions. Before reading on, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of TTPS in the Before You Get Started section of this guide.

Important note: At this point in time, TTPS is only used to track teaching provided by Clinical Faculty to the MDUG Program.

Depending on your permission level, you may have access to the following information:

  • Individual teaching events (Activity Tracks)
  • Service provider personal profile information
  • Service provider payee information
  • Service provider quarterly teaching statements

Although you do not have the ability to action anything in TTPS, you will still be expected to use the data responsibly. This includes, but is not limited to:

A full explanation of the responsibilities of all roles in the TTP process can be found in the TTP Roles and Responsibilities document.

Clinical Faculty Profile Information

Approximately 7500 clinical faculty members provide their services to the Faculty of Medicine across the province. Ensuring we have up-to-date information about these clinical faculty members in TTPS requires participation from all departments and units.

Disclaimer: Clinical faculty profile information (such as mailing addresses, payment arrangements, etc) is only as good as what is provided to us. The Capture Support team strives to only input "good data" to TTPS, but they rely on departments and units to provide updated information if it becomes available to them. TTPS does NOT automatically sync with other information systems (HRMS/FMS).

Using Search Functions in TTPS

As a Read-Only user, your access is entirely driven by the Search functions. Please click the appropriate links below to view step-by-step instructions for executing some common searches.

Person Search

Good for locating Service Provider profile information such as:

  • UBC ID
  • Payment Arrangement(s)
  • Appointment Details
  • Payee Mailing Address
  • Vendor ID

How to Search for a Person

Activity Track Search

Good For: Locating specific teaching events (Activity Tracks); viewing all tracked teaching for a specific Service Provider.

How to Search for Activity Tracks

Statement Search

Good For: Locating specific service provider quarterly statements when assisting with service provider inquiries.

**Do NOT send a service provider a copy of their statement via email, etc. Service providers have their own access to TTPS and can securely download copies of their current or past statements from their account. Please utilize the Resources for Communicating with Clinical Faculty section of this End-To-End Guide when supporting service providers.

How to Search for Statements

If you encounter any issues or have questions when navigating TTPS, please contact TTP Support.