To Support Clinical Faculty

Maintaining Clinical Faculty Information

TTP Capture Support has been focused on ensuring that the data captured in TTP regarding clinical faculty is current, but it will require cooperation from all de​partments and units in maintaining the information.

Clinical faculty are often recruited by, and provide teaching to, units outside of their appointing department (Case-Based Learning, Evaluation/Assessment, FLEX etc). Our goal is to ensure that clinical faculty profile information is kept up to date to avoid delays in teaching payments.

Due to privacy concerns around the sharing of personal information, TTP profile information should be kept up to date and submitted to the VFMP Capture Support Team* by the clinical faculty member's appointing department. Further information regarding this policy can be found in this memo dated January 17, 2018.

*Please note that administrators based in the IMP, SMP or NMP should continue to coordinate with their designated site-specific Capture Support Representative for TTP profile inquiries.

If education staff have inquiries regarding TTP profile information, including requests to create or update profiles, they should contact the designated TTP departmental representative from the list below.

​Department​Contact Name
​Contact Email
​Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics
​Dermatology​Karen Ng​
​Emergency Medicine​Janet Chung​
​Family Practice​Ara
​Internal Medicine​Jane Zhang
​Medical Genetics​Grace
​Obstetrics & Gynaecology
​Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
​PaediatricsDylan King; Sylvia;
​School of Population & Public Health​Emma Cunnington
​Surgery​Karen Larsen
​Urologic Sciences

The TTPS Clinical Faculty Profile Fields table provides the fields required to create a clinical faculty profile in TTP and definitions for each field. The TTP Change Request Tool is available for program staff to securely provide TTP capture support with clinical faculty members' sensitive and confidential profile information.

Should you require access to the Change Request Tool, please contact

Group Teaching Documentation

If you have group teaching in your department or unit you are required to have clear documentation detailing the agreement of those participating in the group teaching. Documentation of these agreements is particularly important now as the units, hours, and/or sessions tracked in TTPS act as a record of teaching. Documentation may take the form of an existing department or regional form, an email conversation, or some other written agreement. We have also created a Group Teaching Declaration Form in (PDF) | (Word) for optional use. It is important to note that this form should not be used for joint ventures.

Privacy & Security

General Guidelines

  • Exercise extreme caution when including a clinical faculty member’s personal or payee information in email communications, even when emailing them directly (e.g. do not email them their TTPS profile for validation).
  • Encourage clinical faculty members to securely login to TTPS to access their information when possible instead of sending information over email.

Additional Resources

Clinical Faculty CWLs

Clinical faculty members are encouraged to set up a UBC CWL account once appointed. The Accessing TTP webpage provides the information for clinical faculty to self-serve CWL account set-up and trouble shooting. Program staff should not set up CWL accounts for clinical faculty for privacy and information management purposes. However, if a clinical faculty member is having difficulty you can use this FAQ to help them troubleshoot. If you cannot help them resolve their issue, you may call the MedIT Service Desk (1.877.266.0666) on their behalf.

Please note: If a clinical faculty member has a valid CWL but that CWL is not linked to their TTPS account they will encounter a TTPS account configuration error. If a clinical faculty member contacts you with this error, please contact TTPS Launch Help.

Clinical Faculty Inquiries

Clinical faculty members have the opportunity to review their teaching statement and submit an inquiry about individual teaching tracks. If a clinical faculty member provides information via email or phone that indicates a track must be revised, please ask them to submit the inquiry via TTPS. If they do not, education teams will not be able to revise the track in the system.

Once a clinical faculty member submits an inquiry in the TTPS, the activity track is sent to the Activity Validator. In some circumstances, the Activity Validator may determine that the track requires revision and return it to the Activity Tracker. In other circumstances, the Activity Validator may need to follow-up with the clinical faculty member through other communication channels (phone, email) in order to address the inquiry. Some anticipated questions around payment eligibility and amounts can be answered by referencing the Compensation Terms for Clinical Faculty Teaching in the MD Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs.

TTPS will not send an email to a clinical faculty member regarding the actions you have taken to address their inquiry. It is the responsibility of the Activity Validator to follow-up with the clinical faculty member directly. Email templates are available for your optional use when responding to an inquiry.

System Navigation

To support clinical faculty members with navigation of TTPS and answer questions such as, “how do I…” and “where do I click to…” please refer to the Clinical Faculty TTPS Quick Guide, found on the TTP Site for Clinical Faculty, or watch the video below.



Once the entire MDUP has begun to use TTP, clinical faculty can expect four standard payments per year for Undergraduate Medical Education teaching. These payments can be expected before the end of the quarter following the delivery of teaching. For example, if teaching occurs in Quarter 1 (April-June) payment will be fulfilled by September. Please refer to the timelines diagram for the annual schedule.

After the clinical faculty teaching statement is processed, payment will take 2-6 weeks for fulfillment. If you receive questions during this period, you may inform clinical faculty members that finance is providing the necessary authorizations and they can expect to receive payment “no later than” the final month in the following Quarter, as noted in the timelines.

Payment Arrangements

A payment arrangement is an agreement between a person and the Health Authority or Ministry of Health for payment for delivery of clinical services, which sometimes includes teaching with patient care and teaching without patient care. TTPS applies eligibility rules according to what is documented in the Payment Arrangement table

Determining the Payment Arrangement in TTPS 

If a clinical faculty member wishes to know which payment arrangement the Faculty of Medicine has on file in TTPS, they may generate a PDF statement in TTPS by pressing "Print Draft" to find the information, or you may search TTPS for their profile and provide it to them. 

Questions about Payment Arrangements 

As clinical faculty members may have varying understandings of their payment arrangements and payment arrangement interpretations can differ across health authorities, please escalate any questions about payment arrangements to the most senior administrator in your department or regional program. They may choose to escalate to the Dean's Office if necessary. 

TTP-M Payments (Retired)

TTP-Manual payments were previously processed on a monthly basis. Late tracks are now entered in TTPS.

Activity tracks previously processed through TTP-M will not appear on a service provider’s statements from previous quarters. You may reference the activity tracks in TTP-M for your service provider upon request.

Delays to Payment

A clinical faculty member's payment may be delayed for a number of reasons, including missed or incorrectly recorded teaching activities in TTPS. 

If the clinical faculty member flags a missed or incorrectly recorded teaching activity it is recommended that you: 

  1. Respond with an apology for the error, inform them that their payment will be processed as soon as possible, and that they will receive a follow-up email; 
  2. Enter the activity in TTPS; then 
  3. Send them an email with the relevant payment information and expected payment date using the optional templates

If an administrator flags a missed or incorrectly recorded teaching activity it is recommended that you: 

  1. Reach out to the clinical faculty member to inform them of the error, apologize, inform them their payment will be processed as soon as possible and that they will receive a follow-up email; 
  2. Enter the activity in TTPS; then 
  3. Send them an email with the relevant payment information and expected payment date using the optional templates

If they have questions beyond what you have provided, or would like to speak to someone about the delay in their payment, direct them to the most senior administrator in your unit.