Mission, Goals & Competencies

The distributed MD Undergraduate Program admits and educates students who will graduate with demonstrated competencies and behaviours that will equip them to address the current and future health care needs of British Columbians. Our program and goals are grounded in the values of the University of British Columbia and its Faculty of Medicine and are aligned with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation standards.

Faculty of Medicine - MD Undergraduate Program Mission and Goals

During the past ten years, various committees and working groups of the MD Undergraduate Program have produced several documents addressing the program's mission, goals, and objectives. The primary goal of this document is to create one integrated and coherent publication. A secondary goal is to fill in the few remaining gaps, as specified in the LCME accreditation guidelines.

This Publication plays two roles: (1) As a communication device for medical school faculty, students, staff, administration and others outside the school. It will provide a clear and transparent direction for the program; and (2) As a framework to guide the ongoing program evaluation process. 

MDUP Year Level Milestones and UBC Exit Competencies

​Exit Competencies are intended to be used to inform curriculum content developers, course directors, instructors, and students of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes expected of a graduating UBC medical student. For curriculum developers, exit competencies are intended to b​e used as part of competency-based education approach to help answer the question: “What does a graduating medical student need to be able to do to successfully perform as a post-graduate year 1 resident?”

Milestones are the indicator of step-wise progression towards the achievement of a competency. The final milestones in the UBC MD Undergraduate program are the Exit Competencies. These are competencies which have been identified as necessary to equip graduates for postgraduate medical/surgical training.

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​​AAMC Medical Education Competency Reference Set

The Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS) is a list of common learner expectations utilized in the training of physicians and other health professionals. PCRS will serve as an aggregation tool that allows the AAMC to collect and analyze data … about competency-based education and the use of expectations (competencies, objectives, milestones, EPAs, etc.) in medical education.