Dr. Mieke Koehoorn appointed Vice Dean, Academic Affairs

A message from Dermot Kelleher, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Vice-President, Health.

Dr. Mieke Koehoorn

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Mieke Koehoorn as Vice Dean, Academic Affairs, for a five-year term effective September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2028.

Dr. Koehoorn is a professor in the School of Population and Public Health. Her research focuses on current and emerging issues in occupational health, with a special interest in developing and linking data to enable cutting-edge research on occupational epidemiology. She is involved in research projects investigating sex, gender, work injury, and workers’ compensation.

As part of her research program focused on work and health, she has served as Co-Director for the Partnership for Work, Health and Safety, an innovative research partnership between UBC and WorkSafeBC. She has held a Canadian Institutes for Health Research Chair in Gender, Work and Health and has received a Michael Smith Health Research Scholar award as well as Senior Scholar awards.

Dr. Koehoorn has also served as a UBC Vancouver senator, as Head of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Health, and as Associate Director of Faculty Affairs and of Research for the School of Population and Public Health.

As Vice Dean, Academic Affairs, Dr. Koehoorn will provide oversight of academic standards to the administrative functions of the Faculty, offer support and guidance to academic leadership, and oversee the implementation of our strategic plan Building the Future.

Dr. Koehoorn’s appointment follows the leadership of Dr. Chris Lovato, who has held the role since July 2020. Previous to this, Dr. Lovato served as interim Co-Director of the School of Population and Public Health and founder and Director of the Evaluation Studies Unit. I wish to recognize and thank Dr. Lovato for her dedication and many outstanding contributions to the Faculty, especially during her time as Vice-Dean, Academic. As an accomplished and compassionate leader, she provided oversight of academic standards to the administrative functions of the Faculty, and offered support and guidance to academic leadership. She also contributed significantly, and helped bring to life, our newly refreshed, award-winning strategic plan. We will miss Dr. Lovato and wish her well in the next chapter of her life.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Koehoorn on her appointment.

This message was sent to all faculty and staff in the Faculty of Medicine.