New investment and increased support for clinical faculty

A message from Dermot Kelleher, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Vice-President, Health.

I am very pleased to share important news regarding new supports and resources available to our clinical faculty community.

Last fall, the Government of B.C. announced the expansion of UBC’s distributed MD undergraduate program (MDUP) and postgraduate medical education (PGME) residency programs. The UBC Faculty of Medicine has continued to advocate for securing additional resources to recognize the significant contributions of clinical faculty members and to ensure sustained quality of medical education overall.

We can now confirm the Government of B.C. has approved an additional 15% funding for designated teaching activities, as described in the Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms. These increases will be applied over the next two years, with a 10% increase effective July 1, 2023, and the following 5% applied July 1, 2024. Payments for clinical teaching associated with patient care in postgraduate programs will also increase through funding allocated to departments.

For more information regarding compensation increases, please visit the Clinical Faculty’s Appointment Policy and Compensation Terms webpage.

In addition, I am pleased to share that we have also received funding from the Government of B.C. to support the development of tools and resources that will aim to decrease administrative challenges for clinical faculty members in the delivery of medical education. In the coming months, the Faculty of Medicine will continue its engagement process with clinical faculty members and program delivery teams across the province to identify priority areas that would benefit from these additional funding supports.

At the UBC Faculty of Medicine, we recognize the tremendous contributions of clinical faculty members and in turn, offer a variety of supports ranging from career development, such as the mentoring program, to a number of annual awards. To learn more, please visit the Clinical Faculty website.

Moving forward, the Faculty of Medicine will continue to work in partnership with the Government of B.C. and our health partners to support the expansion of medical education and health professional training programs in B.C. and to support the UBC clinical faculty community.

I recognize how hard everyone is working to support our growing education and training programs, and I am tremendously grateful to UBC clinical faculty members for their continued contributions.

Each and every day — from Surrey to Cranbrook and Cowichan to Prince Rupert — thousands of UBC clinical faculty members are training and inspiring the next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals, while simultaneously delivering exceptional care for their patients.

As integral members of our Faculty — and as health leaders within their communities — many are also making fundamental contributions in research, translating new discoveries, and accelerating the development of lifesaving medicines to improve the health and well-being of patients and families in B.C. and beyond.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support and incredible commitment to our world-leading Faculty, and to our vision of transforming health for everyone.

This message was sent to all faculty and staff in the Faculty of Medicine.