UGME Regional Student Promotions Subcommittees — Terms of Reference

Purpose and Authority

The purpose of the Regional Student Promotions Subcommittees for IMP, NMP, SMP, and VFMP are to:

  • Recommend to the Student Promotion and Review Board advancement, promotion, graduation, assignment of Academic Standing, and adding Professionalism notations on students’ Medical Student Performance Records.
  • Oversee and review its students’ academic performances.
  • Ensure the provision of academic support.
  • Assist the Student Promotion and Review Board (SPRB) by performing delegated tasks pertaining to its students (see Responsibilities section)


This subcommittee is made up of ex officio and appointed members.

The Faculty of Medicine’s commitment to equitable and diverse membership on its committees and advisory councils guides its nomination and selection process.

Voting Members

Regional Associate Dean1111
Regional Assistant Dean1111
Site Director, Year 1 1
Site Director, Year 2 1
Course Director, MEDD 411 1
Clinical Skills Director, MEDD 411/412/421/4221111
Family Practice Director, MEDD 411/412/421/422111 
Site Director, MEDD 411/412/421/422111
OSCE Director
Site Director, MEDD 419/429/4491111
Site Director, Year 31121
Year 4 Electives Director, MEDD 4401111
Site Director, MEDD 4481111
Integrated Community Clerkship (ICC) Site Director111
Total (min/max)10101111

Appointed (VFMP)

  • Four Departmental Undergraduate Education Directors (4)

Corresponding Members for VFMP

  • VFMP Family Practice (Year 1 & 2)
  • Integrated Community Clerkship (ICC) Site Director

Non-voting Members

Student Development and Support Subcommittee Chair(s)10
Assistant or Associate Dean, Student Affairs11-3
Regional Assessment Administrator(s)20
Program Managers24 (Year 1 & 2 (1),
Clinical Education
Administrative Team
(CEAT- Year 3 & 4) (2), PLAT (1))
Administrative Director1

Guests may be invited to join specific meetings or portions of specific meetings at the chair’s discretion. For example:

  • Integrated Community Clerkship (ICC) Site Directors
  • Discipline Specific Site Leaders
  • Year 3 Clerkship Directors
  • Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) Fellow (VFMP)

Appointment Process

Ex officio members are members by virtue of their administrative appointment.

Appointed members are appointed by the Regional Associate Dean.


Ex officio are members as long as they hold their administrative appointment.

Appointed members are members for a two-year term and are eligible for renewal at the discretion of the chair and with consent of the subcommittee members.


Chaired by the local Regional Associate Dean, or delegate.

Meeting Schedule and Administration

Meets as soon as possible following mid-term, end-of-term, end of Year 3 Blocks, following designated supplemental assessment periods, and at the call of the chair.

All members are expected to attend all meetings in person or via videoconference or phone.

The assistant to the chair will capture meeting minutes. Minutes will be circulated to all members.

Members shall keep minutes and meeting proceedings confidential. Members shall shred/destroy all documentation that contains personal information and may not retain minutes or other documents containing personal information on a personal computer or device.

Records will be maintained in accordance with UBC and Faculty of Medicine records retention procedures.

Quorum and Decision Making Process

Quorum consists of 50% plus one of voting members.

Decisions are made by vote, requiring 50% plus one of voting members present to vote in favour to pass, excluding blanks or abstentions.

In the event of a tie, the chair shall cast the deciding vote.

In exceptional circumstances, voting may be conducted electronically while ensuring strict confidentiality and security.

Lines of Accountability and Communication

This subcommittee:

  • Is accountable to and makes recommendations to the Student Promotions and Review Board (SPRB).
  • Provides Minutes and a summary report of decisions to the SPRB after every meeting.


This subcommittee, for its students:

  1. Reviews academic performances regularly (SPRB delegated).
  2. Assigns course grades, and reports the grades to the SPRB (SPRB delegated).
  3. Consults or refers to the SPRB decisions involving situations not clearly defined by course policies or that are otherwise complex.
  4. Grants supplemental assessments (SPRB delegated).
  5. Judges and manages professionalism performance deficits within or across courses, and reports persistent and/or serious unprofessional behaviour to the SPRB.
  6. Approves the re-entry point and Academic Plans for Leaves of Absence less than one year, when no major curriculum adjustments are required and there are no complex circumstances; and approves the Return to Training (RTT) requirement (SPRB delegated).
  7. Provides to the SPRB for approval the re-entry point and proposed Academic Plans for re-entry, if Leave of Absence is greater than one year or if there are complex circumstances.
  8. Makes recommendations to the SPRB regarding advancement, promotion, graduation, assignment of Academic Standing and adding professionalism notations on students’ Medical Student Performance Records.
  9. Directs the Student Academic Development Subcommittee (SADS) to develop remediation plans.
  10. Reviews its terms of reference on an annual basis and recommends updates to the Student Promotion and Review Board.


This version of these terms of reference has been approved by the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee on June 19, 2023.

Version History

  • Updated and approved by the Student Promotion and Review Board on January 12, 2023.
  • Updated and approved by the Vancouver Fraser Medical Program Regional Student Promotions Subcommittee on September 22, 2022.
  • Approved by the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee on January 21, 2019.
  • Approved by the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee on March 19, 2018.
  • Approved by the MD Undergraduate Education Committee on October 16, 2017.
  • Updated on September 19, 2017.
  • Updated on July 18, 2016.
  • Approved by the MD Undergraduate Education Committee on August 17, 2015.