Planning Process

​​​​​The Faculty of Medicine launched a strategic planning process in early 2016 to help us develop our blueprint for the future and guide the Faculty of Medicine through to 2021.​​ The planning process is summarized below.


Phase 1: Ground the Plan

Phase 2: Shape the Plan 

  • Seek input from faculty, staff and students in province-wide Town Halls and online form
  • Seek input from stakeholders group meetings, such as:
    • Associate and Assistant Deans, Research
    • Centre Directors, Research
    • Educational Council
    • Medical Alumni Association
    • Senior Administrator Group
    • Student Representatives
    • Government and external partners 
  • Working groups meet to discuss themes and input received
  • Consolidate high-level plan content based on input received

Phase 3: Share the Plan 

Phase 4: Implementation Planning

  • Map the implementation process
  • Present implementation process to faculty, staff and students at November 23, 2016 Full Faculty Meeting (To watch the presentation, visit this link
  • Invite faculty, staff and students to participate in implementation of the Strategic Plan
  • Priority setting with the establishment of Pillar Advisory Groups
  • Advisory Groups to invite participation and establish Operational Working Groups to support key action and activities (ongoing)