Strategic Plan

Building the Future

The Faculty of Medicine launched its new strategic plan, Building the Future, in September 2016.

In Building the Future, we articulate the commitments, principles, goals and objectives that will propel us forward. The new plan will build upon Faculty successes in training the next generation of health professionals and developing focused areas of research pre-eminence; and it will enable the Faculty, and the University, to deepen and extend our leadership role in shaping British Columbia’s health system and contributing to the knowledge economy of the province.

The plan provides a shared purpose and vision that will guide our decisions. Our priorities, based firmly on effective collaboration with our academic and health partners, strive to reflect the impact of transformative trends in health and care, and create an agile and effective organization that uses resources, investment and strategic fundraising efficiently and effectively in the face of fiscal pressures.


Building the Future outlines four transformative goals that will strengthen our capacity to meet today’s challenges, and establish a platform for excellence and innovation for the future:

  • Education: teaching, development and mentoring of practitioners and scientists who can work together effectively in an evolving system | Leads: Dr. Roger Wong, Executive Associate Dean, Education, and Jennifer Golinski, Senior Director, Education Programs and Services
  • Research: knowledge creation, translation and exchange to gain insight and promote improved outcomes in patient and public health | Leads: Dr. Robert McMaster, Executive Associate Dean, Research, and Dr. Michelle Wong, Director, Research
  • Organization: creation of a working environment that inspires innovation, strengthens academic and operational affiliation, and fosters agility | Leads: Dr. Deborah Money, Executive Vice Dean, and Shanda Jordan Gaetz, Executive Director, Faculty Affairs
  • Partnerships: collective system leadership to help shape practices and policies for improved care of the population across the province | Leads: Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, Executive Associate Dean, Clinical Partnerships and Professionalism, and Michael Shakespeare, Executive Director, Finance and Operations