Jan 05
Accessing Professional Development Funds

With the new calendar year comes the opportunity to refresh your professional development goals, as well as to start a conversation about professional development with your staff. UBC offers a number of professional development opportunities for staff and faculty:

Professional Development Funding Programs for Staff

Professional Development (PD) Funding programs at UBC are designed to support eligible staff members in the M&P, CUPE 2950, CUPE 116, TRA, Exec. Admin, and BCGEU (Okanagan) employee groups, who are interested in pursuing learning opportunities that will enhance their professional knowledge and skills, work performance, and career growth at UBC.

Review the PD Fund program guidelines and application procedures.

Apply soon to access PD funding in this fiscal year (2016-2017)

Your maximum funding amount available each fiscal year varies depending on your employment group. In all cases, each PD funding pool is subject to an annual budget allocation and your access to funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis until overall budget exhaustion or the March 31 fiscal year-end.  (whichever comes sooner).

If you have already taken full advantage of one of the PD funding programs this fiscal year, new money will become available to you on April 1, 2017.

Based on current usage patterns across eligible employment groups, it is anticipated that the PD Fund budgets will be able to accommodate all staff funding requests up until the March 31st year end, with the possible exception of the M&P PD Fund.

M&P PD Fund

M&P staff members are encouraged to check the M&P PD Fund webpage for regular updates on the overall remaining fund balance prior to submitting your claim.

Faculty: Please note that the timelines and budgetary considerations noted above do not apply to faculty.  For information on the Professional Development Reimbursement Fund for faculty, visit Faculty Relations. Research Associates PD Fund information is available here.