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Call for submissions: UBC's Proposed Policy #7 (Occupational and Research Health and Safety Policy)



Start Time

9/30/2018 12:00 AM

End Time

9/30/2018 11:59 PM


UBC's Faculty and staff are invited to comment on the Proposed Policy #7 (Occupational and Research Health and Safety Policy) and its related procedures (collectively referred to as “Proposed Policy #7”). The deadline for comments is September 30, 2018.

View the policy online.

Proposed Policy #7 establishes consistent, up-to-date, standardized, and subject matter specific procedures related to health and safety. This is intended to ensure all preventative measures are appropriately taken to eliminate unnecessary risks, injuries, and occupational diseases, arising out of UBC’s workplace, teaching, and research environments, in order to sustain UBC’s reputation as both a leading research and teaching institute and employer.

More particularly, Proposed Policy #7:

  1. Consolidates Policy #7 (University Safety), Policy #9 (Hazardous Materials Management), Policy #10 (Procedures for Working with Biohazardous Materials), and Policy #11 (Radiation Safety) (the “Current Policies”) into one policy, providing an integrated, principle-based framework for implementing UBC’s various health and safety obligations and practices. View the above-mentioned policies online:
    Policy 7Policy 9Policy 10Policy 11.

  2. Articulates the following specific subcategories of health and safety related procedures: (a) the Occupational Health and Safety Procedures; (b) the Biological Materials Procedures; (c) the Radiation Sources Procedures; and (d) the Chemical Materials Procedures (collectively, the “Procedures”).

  3. Reflects the implementation of: (a) the health & safety committee structure required by WorkSafeBC (i.e., the reporting lines from the local occupational safety committees, the joint occupational health and safety committees, and the Responsible Executive(s)); and (b) recent statutory amendments.

  4. Specifically identifies the various roles, responsibilities, and authority of the Responsible Executive(s) within an applicable portfolio, and/or their authorized delegates, the local and joint health & safety committees, the Biosafety Committee, the Chemical Safety Committee, the Radiation Safety Committee, Risk Management Services, the Office of Research Services, other Administrative Heads of Unit, and/or Supervisors.

  5. Improves UBC community engagement with, awareness of, and commitment to UBC’s health and safety statutory obligations and best practices as a workplace and a teaching and research institution by moving from the Current Policies, which are disjointed and difficult for a reader to reconcile with one another, to the Proposed Policy #7, which deals with health and safety issues in a consistent and consolidated way.

  6. Improves the ability for UBC, through its authorized delegates, to identify, report, and appropriately address issues of non-compliance in an operationally integrated manner.

  7. Allows greater flexibility for the Responsible Executive(s) to address further changes to operational and statutory requirements, by recommending amendments to one or more of the Procedures, for approval by the President, if such changes are in accordance with Policy #1 (Administration of Policies) and consistent with the framework established by the Proposed Policy #7.

  8. Generally updates the Current Policies, which do not reflect current UBC practice and are out of date relative to both best practices and legally required standards.

Faculty and staff are invited to submit any comments to the Office of the University Counsel at by September 30, 2018.

Learn more about the structure and reporting lines identified within the Proposed Policy #7.

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