Elections & Voting

​Elections are held to elect members of Faculty of Medicine committees. Other voting may take place when significant Faculty of Medicine decisions are needed.

Current Elections or Votes

There are currently no Faculty of Medicine elections or votes.


The 2019 Faculty of Medicine Committee election has concluded.  View theResults of the May 2019 election.


Each committee’s terms of reference indicate by whom the elected members are elected. Typically, elected members are elected by their peers.  If the terms of reference specify an elected academic faculty member (or simply faculty member) elected by peers, all academic faculty members are eligible to vote.  The same applies to clinical faculty members or to both (academic/clinical). 

Definitions of Voting Members:

  • Academic faculty member (faculty member)

    An individual who holds a full-time or part-time appointment as a Lecturer, Instructor, Senior Instructor, Professor of Teaching, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor; Affiliate Instructor, Affiliate Senior Instructor, Affiliate Professor of Teaching, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Affiliate Associate Professor, or Affiliate Professor; Assistant Professor (Partner), Associate Professor (Partner), or Professor (Partner).

    An academic faculty member can self-identify as a clinician or scientist:

    • Academic faculty member who is a clinician: An individual who meets the above definition of an academic faculty member and who engages in direct patient care as a licenced or certified practicing health professional (e.g., physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, audiologist, midwife, genetic counsellor, etc.).

    • Academic faculty member who is a scientist: An individual who meets the above definition of an academic faculty member and who does not engage in direct patient care (e.g. basic or foundational scientist).

  • Clinical faculty member

    An individual who holds an appointment as a Clinical Instructor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, or Clinical Professor.

  • Members of the Faculty of Medicine Faculty at large

    An individual specifies in the UBC Senate Policy on voting membership of the Faculty of Medicine

  • Staff member

    An individual who holds a full-time or part-time staff appointment in the Faculty of Medicine. 

How to Vote

Eligible Faculty/Staff Members:

Note: the UBC WebVote system uses Campus Wide Login (CWL) credentials for access.  After you have logged in using your CWL credentials, only those elections in which you are eligible to vote will be shown.  If you believe you should be able to vote in a given election but are not able to see it after logging in, please contact

  1. Review the Nominee Statements below by clicking on the nominee’s name.
  2. Visit the UBC WebVote site to vote online.
  3. Log in with your CWL credentials* by clicking on the "CWL Login" button at the top right hand corner of the webpage.
  4. Click "Vote" next to the election you wish to vote in.
  5. Vote for your preferred candidate(s) by clicking on the box next to the candidate(s)' name.
  6. Click on "Submit Vote", then click "OK" to confirm you submission before voting in the next election or logging out.
  7. Repeat the process if you are eligible to vote in more than one committee election.

*If you have forgotten your CWL credentials, login names and passwords can be recovered at .  If you are a faculty/staff member who does not have a CWL account, please visit and follow the instructions for faculty/staff.

Eligible Students & Residents:

  1. Review the Nominee Statements below by clicking on the nominee's name.
  2. Log-in to the Student Service Centre.
  3. Click "Webvote" under the "Grades and Records" menu.
  4. Click the "Cast Vote" button to view list of open elections and referenda.
  5. Click the "Vote" button of the appropriate Committee Name. *Note – you must vote separately for each committee.
  6. Review the nominees for each standing committee vacancy and cast your electronic votes by clicking on the appropriate box next to the nominee's name.
  7. Click "Submit Vote" and confirm your vote by clicking "OK".

If you require assistance, please contact the Governance & Recognition Assistant, including details of your concern.