Evaluation Studies Unit

The Evaluation Studies Unit (ESU), established in 2004, provides evaluation services to the education portfolio of the Faculty of Medicine. ESU delivers rigorous, objective and comprehensive evaluation findings to assist planners and decision makers in the ongoing development and improvement of programs. Data are also used to demonstrate compliance with social accountability mandates and national accreditation standards.

Top 10 Services

  1. Provides evaluation services to the medical and health professions education programs in the Faculty of Medicine
  2. Delivers strategic reporting to support leadership in the Education Portfolio of the Faculty of Medicine
  3. Gathers and reports data to support the accreditation of the medical education programs
  4. Provides data in response to requests from leadership in the Faculty of Medicine and the provincial government
  5. Supports evidence-informed continuous quality improvement within the Undergraduate Medical Education Program
  6. Delivers strategic reporting to measure progress towards the Social Responsibility and Accountability mandate of the Faculty of Medicine
  7. Monitors the outcomes of program expansion and distribution for medical and health professions education programs
  8. Develops and maintains the Faculty of Medicine Education Database, which supports longitudinal reporting on learners from admissions through to practice
  9. Offers expert evaluation advice and consultation
  10. Undertakes and facilitates health education scholarship

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