Learn more about UBC’s visual identity and download a unit signature.

Visual identity

UBC’s brand visual elements — our logo, wordmark, signature, typography and colours — help tell our story in a collective voice to inspire, motivate and reflect our brand. 

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Logos & unit signatures

The UBC Brand Unit Signature Program is a standardized naming system and a form of unit identification for UBC faculties and units.

Faculty of Medicine, Department and School unit signatures (logos) are available for download from the link below. Each logo is available in a variety of colours (UBC blue, black and white), colour modes (CMYK, RGB and Pantone) and file formats (eps, jpg and png). 


Faculty of Medicine, department, and school logos (unit signatures) are available for download from the UBC Brand Dropbox.

UBC logos (without the Faculty of Medicine or department name) are available for download from the UBC Brand website.

Guidelines for use

  • UBC Brand Unit Signatures should not be modified or altered in any way
  • Signatures are only available in UBC blue, black, or white (reverse)
  • Clear space around the signature is equivalent to 50% of the UBC logo or greater
  • Minimum size of any signature is 1 inch


File types & colour modes

For print use: 

  • CMYK | EPS or PMS | EPS 

For web use:

  • RGB | JPEG or RGB | PNG

UBC Sustainability identity

Faculties and administrative units are encouraged to incorporate the sustainability identity within their relevant work — all in an effort to increase visibility of sustainability and climate action initiatives across the university and to communicate more consistently and effectively with external audiences.

UBC Wellbeing communication tools & support

Communicating about wellbeing in a cohesive and consistent manner helps amplify and unify initiatives, making them more impactful and memorable. Visit the UBC Wellbeing site to find brand guidelines, logos and templates to help you communicate about initiatives that support wellbeing on our campuses.