Panopto Live Streaming

Panopto Live Streaming


Panopto Live Streaming allows you to easily broadcast your event for large audiences in a webinar style format.

Getting Started

Interested in streaming your next event? Fill out our Panopto Request form and we will schedule a consultation to discuss streaming options for your event.


Panopto live streaming leverages your UBC Zoom account and Panopto, our content management software, to create an easy to access streaming experience for your attendees.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-scheduling of your event using your UBC Zoom account.
  • Inviting event speakers is easy to manage.
  • Automatic recording of your event.
  • Increased privacy.
  • Capacity of up to 10,000+ virtual attendees.
  • No extra software required!
  • Attendees click one link to watch on their web browser.
  • Audience response system using
  • Analytics of live stream can be provided upon request.
Event Recording

Event Recording


Event recordings are delivered using using a variety of delivery methods shortly after your event has occurred. All event recordings are saved to secure servers.

Cloud recordings on UBC Zoom will be saved on your Zoom Cloud. Local recordings on either UBC or FoM Zoom will be saved directly onto your computer

Recordings for UGME and PGME programs, departments, and FoM Zoom will be available on Panopto, the Faculty of Medicine’s video content management system, 1-3 business days after your event. This service can be provided for one-off recordings, or if the recording is for regularly occurring events, the process can be automated. 

Features and Benefits

  • Presenter and presentation are captured side-by-side on one screen for easy viewing.
  • The online video player allows viewers to search keywords from text within the recorded presentation and skip to a specific presentation slide.
  • Ability to have closed captions appear on your recordings for accessibility and ease of watching.
  • Easy, non-destructive, web-based video editing.
  • A provide a variety of delivery methods for easy distribution.

Getting Started

If you are using FoM Zoom, please request recording when submitting your request on RoomFinder.

If you would like to add a recording to an existing FoM Zoom meeting, or remove/modify an upcoming FoM Zoom recording or booking please contact the Resource Coordination Team at:

Recording Delivery Methods:

UGME and PGME Programs:

For programs using the Entrada learning management system, access to these recordings are restricted to individuals enrolled on the program with Campus Wide Logins (CWLs).  For example, Lectures and Academic Half Day (AHD) recordings are managed and delivered this way. 

You or your viewers do not need a Panopto account for this service. Everyone enrolled on the program in Entrada has automatic viewer access to your Panopto service. Faculty and administrators are also able to manage and edit the recordings themselves.

For Departments (Panopto My Folder / Panopto Group Folder):

Departments can have a dedicated Panopto folder. For ease of departmental administrators, recordings can be automatically moved into your departmental folder. Department representative(s) can manage and share recordings with anyone as a streaming or a download video. For example, reoccurring recordings such as Grand Rounds can be managed and delivered this way.    

Viewers do not need an Panopto account to view these recordings. Department representative(s) and adminstrators require an account in order to manage and share recordings.

Streaming and Downloadable Video for FoM Zoom Recordings:

Recordings such as a special department or team meeting scheduled through the room booking service can be recorded and stored in Panopto. A link to view your event recording is emailed to the organizer of the booking 1-3 business days after the event has concluded.

Streaming and Downloadable Video for UBC Zoom Recordings:

An email from Zoom will be automatically sent when your cloud recording is available for streaming or download. This recording deliver method does not use Panopto.

Compare recording options.

UBC ZoomFoM Zoom
Ability to self-record sessionsYesYes
Cloud recordingYesYes
Local recordingYesYes
Cloud recording storageYes – Zoom CloudYes – Panopto
Cloud server locationCanadaCanada
Recording captures transcriptionsYes – When enabledYes – When enabled
Recording ready notificationYes – Emailed automatically from Zoom once recording has renderedYes – Only applies to streaming and downloadable videos. There are no recording notifications for Entrada or Panopto My / Group Folder recordings.
Ability to pause recordingsYesYes
Who starts the recording?Host, Co-Host, or supporting technicianHost, Co-Host, or supporting technician
Retention policyAt least one yearAt least two years

Learn more about Panopto

If you would like to gain access to Panopto or make changes to your existing service please complete this service request form (option 1 and 2).

If you have an issue with your Panotpo recordings not appearing in your folder or a recording has not emailed to you three business day after your event, please submit a Panopto service request (option 3).

If you have more questions about Panopto, please contact the MedIT Service Desk;

At this time the Faculty of Medicine does not offer video editing services.