Health & Safety

The Life Sciences Centre is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment which will assist researchers, students and staff in reaching their full potential as they pursue their scientific, academic and occupational endeavours. 

To help achieve this, the LSC has implemented a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System – known as the LSC Health and Safety Program – which strives to engage and positively affect everyone within the LSC community.

In addition to fostering a safe and healthy working and learning environment, the LSC Health and Safety Program also assists Units and individuals in meeting their regulatory and due diligence obligations.

About Workplace Health and Safety Programs

According to BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, the Life Sciences Center is required to have in place a Workplace Health and Safety Program that is designed to prevent injuries and occupational diseases. Such programs are to feature a number of critical elements which include, among others: safety orientations / training, Local Health and Safety Teams, regular safety inspections, safe work and emergency procedures, accident reporting and investigations, safety-related record-keeping and senior management support. For detailed information about BC Regulations pertaining to Workplace Health and Safety Programs, go to WorkSafe BC.

According to UBC Policy #7 “University Safety”, each Administrative Unit is responsible for maintaining a Health and Safety Program and managing the various elements within that program. View UBC Policy #7 “University Safety”.