Hybrid Work – Sharing Space

In 2023, the Faculty of Medicine’s Work(place) Evolution: Doing Hybrid Well initiative introduced a shared workspace model in sites at UBC Point Grey campus.

Adopting a shared space model allows the Faculty to flexibly adapt and change existing workplace footprints to better meet the needs of individuals and teams in a hybrid environment. Learn more about the project and ongoing implementation by visiting the Work(place) Evolution: Doing Hybrid Well Shared Workspace project page.

This page is intended for units that have made the transition to shared space, offering information and resources to support them in a shared space environment.


Guidelines for using shared workspaces

Book a Workspace

Information on shared work and amenity spaces

Technology, Tools & Training

Desktop technology, phones, training


Personal and team storage


Information on ergonomics in shared workspaces

Safety & Security

Information on safety & security in shared space


Key contacts for shared space


Resources & frequently asked questions