Accounting Journal (Formerly Journal Voucher)

Find information on Accounting Journal (Accounting Journals and Accounting Adjustments).


Effective June 2023, the Workday term Accounting Journal replaces the term, Journal Vouchers or JV’s.

Accounting Journals can be submitted through Workday by staff with the Workday role “Department Journal Requester”. Please see Workday Security Role Requests for the process to request the security role.

Visit MedNet > Finance > Training for Workday Accounting Journal training materials.  

Accounting Journals are used by all UBC departments to record ad-hoc transactions in the general ledger. These transactions include:

  • Any other financial transactions not processed through another UBC subsystem, such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, or Funding Transfers.
  • Accounting Adjustment to make changes to existing Workday transactions

Accounting Journals are also used by all UBC departments for error corrections, such as payments charged to the wrong accounts, or to transfer payments/expenses from one account to the other.

Note: Starting with the implementation of Workday on November 2nd, 2020, the purchase, or sale, of goods and/or services to another UBC department should be completed through an Internal Service Delivery and not through an Accounting Journal.

Required Documentation

All Accounting Journals for data-entry must be properly authorized and include appropriate back-up documentation to explain the entry.  Salary and benefit transfers using Accounting Journals must have employee’s name, employee id, and period covered by the transfer, included in the Accounting Journal description.

For Accounting Journals having more than 25 accounting lines, contact for more information.