Find UBC and Faculty of Medicine templates.

Templates help ensure your print and digital materials are on-brand. A variety of print and digital templates are available in the accordions below.


Advertising should promote UBC as a leading university where open thinking leads to ideas that change the world. Find print and digital advertising templates, as well as key considerations for advertising, on the UBC Brand site.

Business cards

A business card can create one of the first impressions of the University of British Columbia. Consistency in design, colour and type is important to reinforce the university’s identity.


UBC business cards and stationery are printed by the DATA Group of Companies in partnership with Xerox Global Services (XGS). XGS and the DATA Group are the only approved suppliers of business cards for UBC Faculty and Staff.

Staff and faculty can order business cards via their Director/Manager or Department Administrator that includes their UBC appointment information and UBC related contact information (e.g., Department, Program, Clinical Academic Campus or Affiliated Regional Centre).

All units in the Faculty of Medicine should follow this process. Please ensure the “Faculty of Medicine” is included in the address line.

Details about business card orders are available on the UBC Finance website.

Sample business card
Sample business card

Two-sided business cards

Two-sided business card that will include the UBC appointment information and contact details on one side, and partnership appointments/clinic information can be custom-ordered.

Clinical faculty orders

Business cards with the UBC logo indicating your appointment and rank can be ordered through your department/school for a nominal charge. Note: UBC business cards must list an official UBC address (not a private practice address).

Clinical faculty members can also indicate their UBC appointment on their non-UBC business card, in accordance with the following text (note: the UBC logo cannot be used):

[Insert name] is a [insert title of appointment] [OPTIONAL: in the XYZ department and/or faculty] at The University of British Columbia.

How to order

Register for a Xerox Online account:  

  • A UBC employee with authority to purchase UBC stationery will need to register for an account prior to ordering. 
  • You will need a speedchart number and funding approval to order
  • Within 24 hours of registering you will receive a unique User ID, a password, and information on how to access the Stationery Web Ordering Portal.  
  • Each unit may have a centralized administrator to support business card orders, so check first with your department administrator or manager. 

Download Xerox registration form

Order business cards

Already have an account?  Visit the the XGS ordering portal to place your order.

Committee reports & terms of reference

Digital signage

UBC’s digital signage network is an official channel available to help ensure that your message is seen across both campuses. Visit the UBC Digital Signage website to download easy-to-use digital signage templates to create digital messaging that is both accessible and on-brand.

Email signature

Enter your UBC contact information in the email signature generator to ensure your email signature is on-brand.


An e-newsletter is a communications and marketing tool that is used to distribute news, information and events to a large group of subscribers. Visit the UBC Brand site to download an e-newsletter template package comprising all the HTML and CSS markup needed for a baseline HTML email that includes UBC visual identity elements, standardized typography, and a single-column layout that has been tested across devices and email software.

Mailing labels

Create mailing labels for envelopes and packages using a UBC template.


Shipping Lavel Avery 5160

Order blank labels from Staples E-Way


Create PowerPoint presentations with UBC or Faculty of Medicine templates. The templates are available below for use directly in PowerPoint.

Faculty of Medicine templates

UBC template

There are also two versions of a UBC PowerPoint template available to download on the UBC brand website.

If you use the UBC template, please ensure the “Faculty of Medicine” appears on at least the first slide.

Print & presentation templates

Download print and presentation templates for promoting a program, presenting research, launching an event, or speaking at a conference.


Signs on University Academic Campuses and at Health Authority sites form an important aspect of the Faculty of Medicine identity. Please make sure you have read and understood the appropriate guidelines before ordering signs.

Faculty of Medicine signage guidelines

The Faculty of Medicine Signage Guidelines apply to all hospital and health care facilities in the province of British Columbia which house or are affiliated with UBC Faculty of Medicine teaching and research programs. Prior to installation all signage should be reviewed by the Communications team and the Manager, Facilities Planning, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medicine. 

UBC signage guidelines

Visit the UBC Brand site for Interior Signage Guidelines and UBC Wayfinding Signage Standards and Guidelines.

Social media avatars

Request customized social media avatars for your social channels.


Letterhead is one of UBC’s most visible and frequently used form of printed communication. Consistency in design, colour and type is important to reinforce the university’s identity.

Faculty of Medicine templates

Download Faculty of Medicine templates:

How to order custom templates

Submit a request for stationery items and Word templates.


UBC video guidelines

Please refer to the UBC Brand website for UBC’s digital video guidelines, including video production standards, video production checklist and brand specifications.

Faculty of Medicine video end tails

Faculty of Medicine video end tails play for the final seconds of all videos for external audiences. No additions or edits can be made to the end tail. Contact digitalcomms.med@ubc.ca for the Faculty of Medicine video end tails.

Visual identity

UBC’s visual identity is the foundation for all our communications, reaching people at every touchpoint with the university. Used consistently, it ensures that we are instantly recognizable as an inspiring place where curiosity and initiative lead to ideas that change the world.


Looking for a photo for your website or publication? Visit UBC’s photo library — an invaluable resource with hundreds of on-brand photographs available for non-commercial use.

For more information about photography and design services, including photo and video consent forms, visit the photography page.