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Use RoomFinder to book Faculty of Medicine rooms during general booking period. See the Room Booking Policy and Terms & Conditions, and understand where to look to book other UBC or Health Authority rooms.

Room Booking Policy and Terms & Conditions

All Faculty of Medicine room bookings are subject to the: 

Terms & Conditions

Room Booking Policy

What is General Booking ?

General bookings for academic learning spaces are processed on a first come, first served basis. This process takes place after the Advance Booking period.  Due to limited physical space being available, there is no guarantee a physical space will be available for each booking request. Event Coordinators are encouraged to be flexible with their dates and consider virtual meeting options wherever possible.

Book Using RoomFinder – For General Booking 

RoomFinder allows you to search for and request Faculty of Medicine rooms, view room information, and book virtual meetings. It is compatible with Chrome and newer versions of Firefox.

You need a UBC CWL (Campus Wide Login) to sign in. Staff from partner institutions who frequently book Faculty of Medicine rooms can request a CWL using the Room Booking Access Request Form. Please allow up 1- 3 days for your account to be set-up.

Please note: on March 4th 2024, access to Roomfinder will be limited to active UBC faculty, staff, alumni, student or guest CWLs. If you have a CWL that was self-sponsored, you will need to either be sponsored by your UBC employer, or by reaching out to the Resource Coordination Team at 

If you are unable to login into RoomFinder, contact the Resource Coordination Team at for assistance. 

Click here for Step by step instruction on how to book a room using RoomFinder

Other Rooms

Looking for rooms not listed in RoomFinder? Here are other sources for room booking:

Other ​Faculty of Medicine roomsContact the Resource Coordination Team at
​University of British ColumbiaUBC Learning Spaces
UBC Conferences
Health AuthoritiesFraser Health
Interior Health
Island Health
Northern Health
Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health, and Provincial Health Services Authority