UBC Faculty of Medicine Space Planning and Facilities Management unit is responsible for supply management and procurement of computer equipment and software.   

Computer Equipment

UBC Faculty of Medicine offers standardized computer equipment, including desktops, laptops, printers, servers, and audio-visual equipment (e.g. headset and webcam). Through standardization, we can minimize cost and turnaround times for support.

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The MedIT Service Desk will be your primary point of contact for initiating and submitting your software order. Most Microsoft products fall within the campus-wide licensing agreement, which provides a large discount to departments. The MedIT Service Desk is happy to help you identify the software that you need.  Upon the approval of your purchasing request MedPurchasing will then place an order with our vendors.

To submit a request: Complete the Hardware Software Order Form


While most of our equipment is standardized, MedIT can build and configure the appropriate server to suit your needs. We also provide virtual servers to improve the stability, manageability, and affordability of computing and storage.

For more information: email or phone the MedIT Service Desk | 1.877.266.0666.

Data Centre Hosting

MedIT provides data centre hosting services to manage and monitor your network, server and storage gear. Our facilities provide physical security, cooling, back-up power and high-speed connectivity to UBC networks. Storing your equipment in our data centres also frees up your internal networks and allows your organization to focus on its core business, not the technological infrastructure that supports it.

To submit a request: email or phone the MedIT Service Desk | 1.877.266.0666.

Videoconference Equipment

All departments using academic space or university funds, including research accounts, for videoconferencing facilities must follow the procedures outlined in the listed documents. While departmental users are entitled to acquire equipment independently, we strongly suggest that they follow the procedures outlined.

There are multiple factors that need to be addressed to ensure optimal presentation quality, as well as issues such as infrastructure implications and ongoing budget requirements to be considered. The documents below outline the steps that should be taken and the groups that should be contacted to maximize functionality and facility compatibility, and minimize unexpected costs and design requirements.

Equipment Allocation Policy

The Equipment Allocation Policy is currently being finalized and will be available to download soon.