Capital Projects

The construction of new facilities is vital in ensuring our students and trainees have significant opportunities to participate in clinical education in urban, regional, community and remote settings.

Major Capital Projects

The Space Planning & Facilities Management unit works with other agencies on construction projects at Health Authority facilities as well as University Campuses to ensure the Faculty of Medicine’s requirements are met. The unit contributes to high level planning and management meetings regarding the projects and reviews, monitors and analyzes Requests for Proposals (RFPs), consultant team documents, construction documents, output specifications, proponent proposal evaluations, and other related documentation to ensure the project conforms to University standards and established regulations.

Current Projects 

Please email the Space Planning & Facilities Management team (tel: 604 822 8584) for further information regarding any of the Major Capital Projects listed here.

Functional Programs

A functional program, typically developed by a functional programmer consultant, is a pre-design document describing the functional requirements of a building or renovation in sufficient detail to initiate schematic design.


The Space Planning & Facilities Management unit maintains an archive of Functional Programs. Functional Programs listed here 

Clinical Education Facilities Sub-Committee

The Clinical Education Facilities Sub-Committee (CEFC) determines the need for and recommends the establishment of clinical education facilities for health education programs in the Faculty of Medicine. It also monitors progress on such approvals, funding and implementation of such facilities as funded by the Ministries of Health and Advanced Education.


The CEFC has the authority to identify and make recommendations to the Dean as to the location and establishment of clinical teaching sites for health education programs.


  1. Determine the need for clinical education facilities in each region based on educational priorities.
  2. Articulate and utilize guiding principles for identifying potential clinical teaching sites.
  3. Periodically review the capacity, mix and impact of learners at clinical sites and the implications for current and future placement of learners.
  4. Recommend functional planning activities and communicate functional planning decisions to stakeholders.
  5. Develop and review AV/IT requirements for incorporation into functional plans for funding purposes.
  6. Recommend development of clinical education sites.
  7. Determine educational priorities for construction projects and ensure they are matched to funding available.
  8. Identify and monitor the timelines by which the sites need to be phased in and operational.
  9. Monitor progress throughout implementation of capital projects to ensure educational priorities are met.
  10. Implement the consultation and feedback process with key stakeholders, particularly MPAACT, Health Authorities, Joint Advisory Councils and the Ministry of Health to ensure site selections are aligned with strategic plans.

Current Capital Projects

Health AuthorityProject​Description
Providence Health Care
Concept drawing St. Pauls
St Paul’s HospitalHospital redevelopment and relocation to the new Station Street Site, including 1,883 nsm of Academic Space for Faculty of Medicine.
Target completion: 2027
Fraser Health 
​Burnaby Hospital  
Phase 1 & 2
This hospital redevelopment includes two new patient-care towers with new wards and operating rooms, a total of 400 beds, a bigger emergency department, a new cancer treatment centre, and an energy centre. Relocation of existing Faculty of Medicine Academic Space of  75.5nsm in Phase 1 will be on level 1, Nursing tower and an additional 94.5 nsm of Academic Space is planned for Phase 2.
Target completion: Phase 1 – 2025
Target completion: Phase 2 – 2030
Fraser Health
​Royal Columbian Hospital - Phase 2 & 3 
Royal Columbian Hospital 
Phase 2 & 3
Hospital redevelopment includes new acute-care tower, a larger emergency department, and upgrades to existing spaces. 
Target completion:
Phase 2 – 2025
Phase 3 – 2026
Fraser Health
Surrey Hospital & Cancer Centre​Hospital redevelopment with 168 inpatient beds, ORs, ambulatory care, emergency department and a cancer centre. Including 124 nsm of Academic Space for Faculty of Medicine. 

Target completion: 2030
Interior Health 
Cariboo hospital concept art
Cariboo Memorial Hospital
(Williams Lake)
Hospital redevelopment including 210 nsm of Academic Space for the Faculty of Medicine. 
Target completion: 2027
Island Health 
Cowichan District Hospital (Duncan)
Cowichan District Hospital (Duncan)Hospital redevelopment including 282 nsm Academic Space for the Faculty of Medicine. 
Target completion: 2027
Northern Health 

Dawson Creek & District HospitalHospital redevelopment including 136 nsm of Academic Space for the Faculty of Medicine. 
Target completion: 2027
Northern Health 
Mills memorial hospital concept image
Mills Memorial Hospital (Terrace)New hospital replacing current Mills Memorial Hospital.
The redevelopment plan includes 338.4 nsm of Academic Space for the Faculty of Medicine. 
Target completion: 2025
Vancouver Coastal Health
​Richmond Hospital
Richmond HospitalHospital redevelopment includes new patient-care tower. Academic Space of 239 nsm is planned for Faculty of Medicine.
Target completion: 2031

Completed Projects

University Sites

Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Labs Renewal
​The Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Labs Renewal project involves an $80 million renewal and expansion of the Biological Sciences complex to provide modern, well equipped teaching laboratories for over 2,000 students enrolled in undergraduate life sciences programs.  This will replace and consolidate deteriorated teaching labs in the Biological Sciences Centre and North, Wesbrook and D.H. Copp buildings.

Completed: Spring 2019
Chan Gunn Pavillion – Centre for Physical Activity & Exercise Medicine
​A new Sports Medicine facility developed to replace the existing Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre.

Completed: November 2017
UBC Centre for Brain Health
A new 5-storey 10,027 sq. m. Centre for Brain Health including outpatient clilnical areas, research labs, lecture theatres, teaching and research labs and academic offices.Completed: December 2013

Fraser Health Authority

Royal Columbian Hospital, Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Video Conference Room: 20 seats flexible
Education and future VC room: 20 VC seats and 40 local seats, 8 VC seats and 16 local seats
Completed: August 2020
Surrey Memorial Hospital 

1 lecture theatre, 4 videoconference rooms, 11 clinical skills rooms, 28 on-call rooms, library, study areas and offices in Critical Care Tower.Completed: July 2014

Interior Health Authority

​Penticton Critical Care Tower
​David E. Kempe is a new 281,530 square feet 6-storey patient care tower and parkade at Penticton Regional Hospital. The patient care tower includes an ambulatory care centre, surgical services centre, 84 medical/surgical inpatient beds in single patient rooms, a new medical device reprocessing unit, and space for the UBC Faculty of Medicine program.2 Videoconference rooms, 2 clinical skills rooms, 4 on-call rooms, learners lounge and locker room, study areas, 2 offices and 3 workstations. Completed: April 2019
Royal Inland Hospital (Kamloops)4 videoconference rooms, 2 clilnical skills rooms, 5 on-call rooms, student lounge, library, study areas and offices.
Completed: September 2016
Vernon Jubilee Hospital2 videoconference rooms, clinical skills room, 4 on-call rooms, student lounge, study areas and offices.
Completed: December 2014
​Kootenary Boundary Regional Hospital (Trail)​​Videoconference room, clinical skills room, on-call room, lounge and offices.Completed: December 2012
Kelowna General Hospital16 on-call rooms, 4 videoconference rooms, 9 clinical skills rooms, student/trainee lounge and lockers in the in-patient teaching space.Completed: July 2012

Northern Health Authority

University Hospital of Northern BC (UHNBC)
8 on-call rooms, 10 videoconference rooms, 6 examination rooms, computer room and library.Completed: June 2015
Fort St John Hospital 
2 videoconference rooms, 2 on-call rooms, library, classroom, lounge, online exam room and offices.Completed: July 2012

Provincial Health Services

BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital

Renovation of 8 clinical skills rooms. Lecture theatre, 4 videoconference rooms, 12 clilnical skills room and 11 on-call rooms.Completed: April 2014

Providence Health Care / Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

​Richmond General Hospital
New academic building. 3 videoconference rooms, 5 on-call rooms, 2 clinical skills rooms, library, and a lounge.Completed: September 2018
​Lions Gate Hospital
​5 videoconference rooms, 8 clilnical skills room, 10 on-call rooms, student lounge, library and offices.

Completed: November 2014
​St Paul’s Hospital
8 clinical skills rooms, lecture theatre, 2 videoconference rooms and 16 on-call rooms.Completed: October 2013

Island Health Authority

Comox Valley Hospital
​1 videoconference room, 1 clilnical skills room, 4 on-call rooms, lounge, library, study areas and offices.
Completed: October 2017
​Campbell River and District Regional Hospital
1 videoconference room, 1 clilnical skills room, 4 on-call rooms, lounge, library, study areas and offices.Completed: October 2017
Royal Jubilee HospitalVancouver Island Simulation Centre, 10 videoconference rooms, 11 on-call rooms, 15 clinical skills rooms, 6 exam rooms, group study rooms, and library.Completed: September 2015
​Cowichan District Hospital
Videoconference room, on-call room, clinical skills room, seminar room, teaching lab, student lounge, library, offices and workstations.Completed: October 2011
St. Joseph’s General Hospital (Comox)
Videoconference room.Completed: May 2011
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital2 videoconference rooms, 9 on-call rooms, clinical skills room, student lounge, library, conference room.
Completed: February 2011