Safety & Security in Shared Space

Ensuring that staff feel safe and secure in shared spaces is a priority, considering personal safety and security needs when working on site.

All UBC employees are required to meet WorkSafeBC and UBC requirements, including mandatory health & safety training. This training is complemented by having relevant information being posted in visible locations throughout our offices. As each of our sites is unique, staff using shared spaces are strongly encouraged/required to familiarize themselves with the posted information about emergency procedures & contact details at that location.

Health & Safety Training for Hybrid Work

Voice Extension Mobility & 9-1-1 Waivers

Voice Extension Mobility allows users to access their phone and settings, such as line appearances, services, and speed dials at any shared workspace. It’s important to note that there are some nuances with the Voice Extension Mobility Service for reaching 911 emergency services. In an emergency, users should use a cellphone to call 9-1-1 not a desk phone. Please read the Voice Extension Mobility 911 Terms of Service agreement and complete the waiver