Storage in Shared Space

Information on guiding principles, team, personal and site-specific storage guides can be found in the sections below.

The Faculty of Medicine’s Work(place) Evolution: Doing Hybrid Well initiative involves introducing a shared workspace model. The transition to shared space requires us to reassess what physical materials we need to be successful each day.

Guiding Principles

  • As a team, review and prioritize items being stored close to the workspaces your team books.
  • Items that do not require frequent access to be stored further way.
  • Where possible, digitize files. Units are encouraged to use UBC Records Management Office processes and procedures for disposition of records and guidelines on document storage.
  • General office supplies are available in central locations at each worksite.
  • Stored materials should not create safety hazards – they should not obstruct aisles, stairs, exits.
  • No food items to be stored in workspaces, including unit storage or wardrobe towers. This reduces health risks for others who may have food allergies or sensitivities and also helps keep pests away.
  • All staff are encouraged to keep their personal items, such as family photos and spare shoes, at home even if individuals plan to frequently use the same shared workspace.
  • Teams are welcome to share non-personal photos at workspaces to add to the overall environment.

Team Storage

On-site, there will be some small, dedicated spaces for units or programs to store equipment and documents. The types and amount of personal storage may vary depending on the site.

Personal Storage

The types of personal storage will be dependent on your work location. Some shared workplaces may have lockable day-use storage to secure personal items at workstations, while others may have wardrobes or other lockable storage space that staff can access during on-site days.

Day Use Lockers

Day use lockers are available for personal storage. See day-use locker instructions and guidelines.

Site-Specific Storage Guidelines

UBC Point Grey – DMCBH Storage Guidelines

UBC Point Grey – Woodward IRC Storage Guidelines