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Room Booking Process

How do I make a room booking request?

The Resource Coordination Team accepts booking requests as either General Bookings or Advance Bookings, depending on the nature of the session and bookable dates.

General Bookings can be requested through our RoomFinder booking portal. Advance Bookings can be submitted via the web-tool Advance Booking Manager.

You can also find detailed instructions for booking Faculty of Medicine rooms and virtual meetings in How to Meet.

What kinds of rooms can I book?

There are over 150 videoconference rooms and 250 non-videoconference rooms across B.C. available for booking through our team.

These rooms include lecture theatres, case-based learning rooms, clinical skills rooms, gross anatomy/multipurpose/plinth labs, meeting rooms and videoconference rooms.

See How to Meet for more information or RoomFinder for a list of Faculty of Medicine rooms across B.C. This list includes photos, additional considerations such as business hours, and if applicable, access restrictions.

How many days in advance should I submit my request?

This depends on the nature of your booking.

The Resource Coordination Team carries out an annual Advance Booking process which affects booking submission deadlines and bookable dates. Once Advance Bookings are processed, you are able to make requests for the current academic term, referred to as General Bookings.

Please refer to our Advance Booking page for precise details on all available submission dates.

How long does it take to receive a confirmation for my booking?

For General Booking requests, aim to submit your request at least six business days ahead of your event date. Our typical turnaround time is two business days, however we experience periods of high volume which may result in a delayed response. 

What if my general booking request is urgent?

Upon submission of your request in RoomFinder, please contact the Resource Coordination Team by phone at  1.877.266.0666 option 3 and they will do their best to accommodate your urgent request.

Is there a cost for using a Faculty of Medicine room for my event?

Rental, technical support, or other fees (e.g. custodial, security, etc.) may apply for Faculty of Medicine or health authority events scheduled outside business hours, or for community events. Please contact the Resource Coordination Team for information. 

Who should I contact if the room I have booked is not found in a suitable condition?

Please contact the Resource Coordination Team.

I am holding a special event in a videoconference room. We need to provide food or non-alcoholic beverages. What should I do? 

The Faculty of Medicine has a firm no food and lidded beverage-only policy in all videoconference spaces. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Resource Coordination Team who will work with you to explore the available options.  

Who are Faculty of Medicine room bookers and how can I contact them?

The Resource Coordination Team is responsible for booking Faculty of Medicine rooms across the province. To contact them, email or call  1-877-266-0666 option 3.


Why do I need a CWL for RoomFinder?

UBC information security standards require the use of CWL when IT systems collect and store information. All UBC employees have a CWL.

Staff from partner institutions can get a guest CWL by submitting a Room Booking Access Request Form. Please allow up to five days for your CWL to be set up. A guest CWL is valid for one year, and can be renewed by emailing upon expiry.

The email address I use for work is not the one that is linked to my CWL. How will I get room booking confirmations?

We are unable to send confirmations to non-work or non-UBC affiliated emails. Please set up a mail forwarding rule to ensure that you receive all communications about a booking. Check that emails from the following two addresses get forwarded to you:

Resource Scheduler:

For instructions, see FASmail – How to set up Email Forwarding.

When I log in to RoomFinder, the webpage is blank. What do I do?

This may be a browser cache issue. Try logging in to RoomFinder using Chrome web browser. RoomFinder is not compatible with some other browsers, including Internet Explorer and older versions of FireFox.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, contact the Resource Coordination Team.

Why do some rooms in RoomFinder have a range of numbers for capacity?

If a room has a range listed for capacity, the lower number indicates how many seats have the UBC recommended minimum of 760mm (30”) of table space for the user. The larger number indicates the maximum capacity of the room, disregarding the minimum for table space.

For example: The LSC 1001 Lecture Theatre  has a range of 307-360, meaning 307 people can be seated in the room with at least 30” of table space, or 360 people can be seated at total capacity.

I have feedback on RoomFinder. How do I submit this?

Please complete the RoomFinder Feedback Survey to submit your idea or feedback to the Resource Coordination Team.

Advance Booking Manager (ABM)

What is the difference between RoomFinder and ABM?

RoomFinder is a booking portal for General Bookings. ABM is a web-based tool for drafting and submitting Advance Booking reservation requests.

Please see our Advance Booking webpage for all information pertaining to ABM, including gaining access, how-to guides and training videos.

Room Booking Confirmation

What information is provided in the room booking confirmation?

See the Sample Room Booking Confirmation for details.

Is my booking guaranteed once I receive confirmation?

Generally, we do not move or cancel a booked session once confirmed.

On rare occasions, we may need to relocate or reschedule your booked session due to high demand for academic learning facilities and relatively limited available resources.

The Resource Coordination Team will make every effort to give event coordinators at least two weeks’ notice if they must initiate a booking reallocation, and explore all options to best to accommodate each activity’s requirements.

Please refer to the Faculty of Medicine’s Room Booking and Utilization policy for more information.

Changing or Cancelling a Booking

I’m the event coordinator. How do I change or cancel an existing room booking?

Please email or call  1-877-266-0666 option 3 if changes are required for your existing booking, or if you need to cancel a booking.

To ensure availability of learning facilities for all groups, please regularly review your bookings to change or cancel those that are no longer required.

I’m not the event coordinator, but I want to change a booking. Do I need to submit a new request on RoomFinder?

To change a booking, you do not need to submit a new RoomFinder request. You may contact the organizer, who can email us on your behalf with the change request.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at with your request (e.g., adding a room to a booking.) Ensure you are Cc’ing the event organizer and indicate the event title and date.

Please note cancelling a booking requires the express consent of the event organizer.

If the organizer who originally requested a session is no longer responsible for it, please email to update the booking contact.

Room Booking Allocation and Prioritization

​How are rooms allocated to bookings?

The Resource Coordination Team considers numerous factors to guide allocation of physical rooms based on the needs and nature of the event.

Please refer to the Room Booking and Utilization policy for more information, and email with any further questions you may have.

What if I am not sure which group to classify my request under?

As the event coordinator, submit your booking request based on the event’s association to the Faculty of Medicine. In other words, book it based on who the event is for, not necessarily your own organization.

For example, if you are a UBC Faculty of Medicine staff organizing a Health Authority teaching activity, the event would be classified as a Health Authority teaching activity.

If you are unsure about the classification of your event and need assistance, please contact the Resource Coordination Team for additional guidance.

My group is located in the same building as the meeting room we want to book. Do we have priority?

No, not necessarily. Rooms are booked based on numerous factors with respect to the priorities outlined in the Faculty of Medicine’s Room Booking and Utilization policy.

Room Booking Conflict Resolution

What should I do if the room allocated to me does not meet my needs?

Please email the Resource Coordination Team who will work with you to accommodate your needs as best as possible. In your email, provide a brief explanation as we may request more details to assess your request.

What if I really need a room that has been reserved by another group? Conversely, what happens if another group really needs my room?

In the event of conflicting needs between groups, please contact the Resource Coordination Team. We will explore all options and do our best to accommodate your requirements, as well as those of other groups, as best as possible.

What is the escalation process with booking conflicts from the same priority group that cannot be resolved?

When required, escalations are handled according to the Room Booking and Utilization policy.

This policy has been jointly developed between the Faculty of Medicine Planning and Facilities Management unit and Digital Solutions. Please refer to it for additional insight on resolving booking conflicts.