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Information on Academic & Clinical IT Environment

This page is intended to provide a high-level overview of the Academic & Clinical Information Technology environment, various service providers, and how to engage with each.

Faculty of Medicine operates at the interface of academia and healthcare. Faculty members frequently undertake diverse roles and engage with multiple IT service providers to effectively meet their academic and clinical responsibilities. Familiarizing yourself with the IT service providers is essential, as faculty members’ involvement with one or more groups is contingent upon the nature of their work, affiliations, and, occasionally, geographic location.

IT Support providers

University IT (UBC IT / Central IT)

The University-wide central IT team (UBC IT) oversees a range of technology services for the entire UBC community. This includes managing enterprise systems, providing wired and wireless network access, administering UBC campus-wide login systems, UBC email access and provisioning, and offering support services such as the IT Helpdesk where necessary.

Faculty of Medicine – Digital Solutions (FoM DS)

Digital Solutions is responsible for overseeing and delivering a diverse array of technology services tailored to medical education and research needs. This encompasses managing and supporting the learning management system, distributed audio-visual technology, health research data platforms, and other specialized administrative systems specific to the FoM community.

UBC Advanced Research Computing (UBC ARC)

Operating under the Vice President Research and Innovation office, UBC ARC offers specialized services to all UBC researchers. These services include high-processing computing (CPU/GPU), large-scale research data storage, transfer, and management, as well as research cybersecurity and privacy consultation services.

Health Authority Information Management / Information Technology (IMITS)

The Health Authority IMITS (Information Management/Information Technology Services) team oversees the management of all hospital clinical systems across the province of British Columbia. This includes six health authorities, with three in the Lower Mainland supported by a consolidated group under the Provincial Health Services Authority. The HA IMITS team is responsible for operating all technology services, including electronic medical record platforms.

Department / Unit IT (Local IT)

In addition to the services providers outlined above, your home department or research center/institute may staff additional IT resources to support specific activities. Please check with your relevant administrative staff on this topic.

Important Links

University IT (UBC IT / Central IT)

Digital Solutions (FoM DS)

UBC Advanced Research Computing (UBC ARC)

Health Authority Information Management/Information Technology (IMITS)

  • IMITS InfoCentre:
  • Health Authority Service Desk Contact:
    • Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) | 604-675-4299 or 1-888-675-4299
    • Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) | 604-875-4334 or 1-888-875-4334
    • Providence Health Care (PHC) | 604-806-9333
    • Unified Self Service Desk – (Requires login)

Further Health Authorities information can be found on their intranet website (requires HA login)