Accounts Receivable

Find procedures and guidelines to process accounts receivable functions.


The Faculty of Medicine Accounts Receivable (AR) supports departments in preparing their invoices. The three most common billing scenarios are as follows:

One-Time Invoice

In order to prepare an ad hoc or one-time invoice, a department must have an individual assigned to the Workday security role “Department Billing Requester”. This individual creates a Customer Invoice in Workday, which is then routed to the AR team for review and approval. Once the invoice is approved, the AR team will issue the invoice to the customer. Invoices can be generated for all type of worktags, however, there are some restrictions if it is for research grant. Please review Research Cost Recovery Section below.

Billback of Salary and Benefits

The process to prepare a Billback invoice begins when the employee whose salary and benefits will be invoiced is assigned to the fund FD003 Salary and Benefits Billback. After the worker cost allocation to FD003 is approved, the HR Partner must complete a Customer Contract Request in Workday. 

The AR team will then set up the Billback contract in Workday, which will contain all necessary information to generate invoices moving forward.  The AR team will issue the invoice to the customer.

How to fill out Customer Contract Request related to Billback of Salary and Benefit:

Some key points regarding this Customer Contract Request: 

  • HR Partner must include documentation (for example a signed contract or letter) that establishes the employee’s salary and benefits will be funded by a third party.
Describe the Request (Required) Salary and Benefit Billback Recovery (Please specify if it is a new hire or reappointment, etc.)
Provide contract name that will be used to search in Workday (Required) Employee Name and Position ID
Enter a description of the contract to help identify it in Workday (Required) Salary and Benefit Billback Recovery
Provide customer name (if not an existing customer please complete new customer request form) (Required) Please provide Customer Name (for example, PHSA)
If customer has more than one address, please confirm address on contract. Please provide Customer contact information (address and email are must)
Provide the contact who should receive invoices from the contract
Choose a contract type (Required) Salary Recoveries – Integration (this is for 100% billback of salary and benefit on a monthly basis); or Salary Recoveries – Manual (this is for fixed amounts) Please choose if billing should be monthly, quarterly, annual or one-time
Choose one invoice type (Required) Salary/Benefits Recovery
Provide the effective date of contract (Required) Please provide start date of contract and an end date or on-going
Enter primary worktag (program, gift, project, etc.) (Required) Fund will always be FD003 Cost Centre: xxxx Program: xxxx
Please provide a default revenue category. If you do not know the revenue category name, please select one from the report linked in the questionnaire instructions. (Required) Choose one of the salary type and benefit as to below: Line 1: FOM Billback Recovery | Salaries | Faculty Line 1: FOM Billback Recovery | Salaries | Staff Line 1: FOM Billback Recovery | Salaries | Student Line 2: FOM Billback Recovery | Benefits |
Please identify a sales item, if required Type “N/A”
Provide the total amount of the contract (detailed by revenue or sales items if not specified in attachment) (Required) Type “N/A”
Please indicate whether this is a deferred revenue. If left blank it will be assumed that revenue is NOT deferred and will be recognized at time of invoicing. No
Please provide billing instructions here if the attachment does not contain explicit billing instructions 1) Please include any additional information that customer requires on the invoice (e.g. customers sometimes require their own cost center info) 2) If this billing arrangement is part of an existing billback spreadsheet, please indicate spreadsheet name here (e.g. Staff Research, etc.)
Please attach supporting contract documents that show customer agreement and meet UBC signing resolutions (e.g. signed contract, service agreement, confirmation email) (Required) Guaranteed funding letter or other type of legally binding agreement from the third party. Special note: for billing to PHSA, please indicate PHSA Cost centre details (sample below) this is required for PHSA billing data-load spreadsheet we submit for payment. Business Unit Fund Department ID Site Project Account Code 000XX 0X 73070XXX 100 00000000 31091XX
HR or other actionsContract Request Required?
New Hire Yes- The cost allocation against FD003 should not have an end date so that when appointment is renewed, cost allocation does not have to be triggered again if the allocation is the same in the extension process.
Extension (Re-appointment) No, if cost allocation to FD0003 Program does not have an end date and billing is expected to continue with same customer/contract with no other changes
Change in cost allocation Yes/No, Depends on the cost allocation change:- If FD003 billing is ending (no longer billing 3rd party), we need notification to end the contract- if the cost allocation does not have an end date against FD003 and no other changes, you can simply “complete” contract request to do- updating cost allocation is important step in BP as this is the only opportunity for budget manager to approve but if there is no change in billing then contract request to do can be simply “complete” so that “to do” can be completed
Change in customer contact for billing information or billing addresses Yes, with updated information. For examples Billing attention to has changed from: Janet Smith to John Johnson Address change: Old address to new address Email change: Old to new email address

Recurring Invoice

Sometimes a department will want to set up a recurring invoice, for example, some departments need to issue monthly rent invoices.  Recurring invoices may be on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.  As with the one-time invoice, this process is initiated by the “Department Billing Requester.” The Department Billing Requester will need to complete a Customer Contract Request. 

Some key points regarding this Customer Contract Request: 

  • In the field to describe the Request, please note that it is a ‘Contract Request for Recurring Invoices’ 
  • For Contract type, please select Minor Contracts – Miscellaneous‘ 
  • For Invoice type, please select Standard The AR team will then set up the contract in Workday, which will contain all necessary information to generate invoices moving forward.  The AR team will issue the invoice to the customer. 

The AR team will then set up the contract in Workday, which will contain all necessary information to generate invoices moving forward based on the contract request.

Research Grant Cost Recovery

Cost Recovery Payment is a payment to recover costs charged against the Grant, which is not from the Sponsor under the terms of the award agreement. This payment will be credited to the corresponding expense recovered.

  • Send payment (cheque) to FOM AR City Square address as noted for processing payment and deposit
  • Provide Grant ID #
  • Expense G/L Account information (available on Grant Ledger Summary Report)
  • Spend Category (available on Grants Ledger Summary Report)
  • Breakdown of amount if necessarily: Salary vs Benefit or Research Supplies, etc., and provide related G/L account and Spend Category as required
  • Attach supporting documentation: UBC invoice ID, back up documentation related to cost recovery
  • Once AR receives documents along with the payment, AR will deposit and initiate accounting journal to reduce expense on the grant and the budget manager will receive approval to reduce expenses against their grant

Payment Processing – Cheque/Cash

If your department receives a cheque related to an invoice generated in Workday (remittance on the cheque should have WD invoice number CI-0000012324) and/or Research Grants Cost Recovery payment, please send it to City Square address as noted for processing and deposit. Only the AR team can apply for payment against WD invoices. If these are applied as cash sales/deposits locally, these invoices will remain outstanding.

If you receive any cash or cheque payments not related to an invoice generated in Workday and/or Research Grants Cost Recovery payment, follow Job Aid at  Record Cash Sales & Deposit. Please do not send payment and deposit to City Square as deposit should be done directly to HSBC as per Job Aid.

Please do not send Cash in mail or inter-campus mail. Cash must be handled in person therefore please email as noted above to arrangement for cash handling for deposit.

EFT Payment Processing (EFT)

The EFT notifications are normally centrally received by UBC Revenue accounting. They notify FOM AR when it is clear that payment belongs to fom. In some cases, these notifications are sent to the Department Staff and if these are the cases, they can request FOM AR to record the EFT/wire payment by sending the following information to

  • Deposit reference # (from outstanding wire payment listing)
  • Amount
  • Worktag ID
  • Spend Category for Cost Recovery
  • And Revenue Category for Non-Research Grants.
  • Documents related to the payment

Refunds, Bad Debts & Write-offs

  • Collection of Payment:
    • FOM AR is responsible for the collection of invoice payments. When AR concludes there may be a risk for non-payment AR team will notify the department for action
  • Bad Debt:
    • In the event of Bad Debts (unable to collect payments from the customer), the Program worktag, entered on the original invoice, will be the same worktag used as the chargeback account.
      For example, if Fee For Service PM0000XX was used to invoice $10,000 and if and when, part or all, becomes a Bad Debt, the loss will be charged to the same PM0000XX as an Operating Expense.
    • The customer who failed to pay UBC will be reviewed for any future credit transaction and may lose the privilege for billing account and prepayment for service/product may be required in the future transactions
  • Write off of Bank Fees and Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss:
    • Write off transactions will be created and charged to the corresponding Program worktag used in the orginal invoice and posted as an Operating Expense.