How to Meet

Instructions and other information about booking Faculty of Medicine rooms and virtual meetings.

Room Booking Instructions

The following pages provide step-by-step instructions for booking rooms, videoconferences, and virtual meetings using RoomFinder:

Conferencing Options

There are a number of ways to meet with people at different locations, including videoconferencing from a vc capable room or from your computer through one of the supported collaboration tools. To help you choose the right option for your session, see comparison of current options below:

Faculty of Medicine Room Types

The following room types are bookable using RoomFinder. See RoomFinder for information about specific rooms, including capacity and room images. 

ImageRoom TypeUsed ForVC Capable?
​Lecture Theatre​Large rooms (capacity of 50+) used for lectures and other events.​Yes
​Case Based Learning Rooms​Used for teaching sessions and examsAvailable to Faculty of Medicine learners only
Access code is required
​No (some exceptions)
​Clinical Skills​Used for clinical skills practiceSet-up like a doctor’s office with a patient bed and examination equipmentBooking requires approval​No
​Enhanced Clinical Skills​Used for clinical skills practice including simulation sessions
Similar to Clinical Skills rooms, with the capacity to observe interactions from an adjoining room. Booking requires approval
​Meeting Rooms​4-50 person capacity rooms with various furniture set up such as Boardroom or U shapeUsed for administrative meetings, workshops and other events​Some
​Gross Anatomy LaboratoryClinical laboratories used to teach human anatomyAccess is limited and must be approved​Yes
​Multipurpose Laboratory​Large capacity room with computer stations, used for lectures, labs or exams​Yes
​Atrium or Foyer​Used for large events that require overflow space or room for catering/receptions
Generally booked with adjoining rooms (for example, lecture theatres)
​Plinth LaboratoryPhysiotherapy teaching laboratory with beds and equipment Generally only booked for Physical Therapy​Yes

Community Group Events

Community groups that meet the following criteria can book Faculty of Medicine rooms: not-for-profit health education-related organizations that have an affiliation with UBC Faculty of Medicine, the University of British Columbia, the Provincial Health Authority, or the Federal or Provincial Ministries of Health.


Community groups are subject to rental fees, a short-term rental agreement, general liability insurance and technical support charges (if they request and are approved for technical support). Depending on the building being used and event dates/times, there may be additional building-related costs such as security, custodial services, HVAC, etc.

Rental Rates

The following rental rates apply for use of rooms by community groups. Rooms are rented for a minimum of 4 hours. Use of in-room AV equipment is included in the rental fee.

Room SizeMinimum Charge (first 4 hours)Hourly Rate (after 4 hours)
0 – 20$100$25
21 – 39$155$40
40 – 99$185$45
100 – 200$330$80
201 – 300$385$95
301 – 400$440$110