Book a Workspace

Hybrid teams have a need for a variety of types of spaces that maximize productivity, while also facilitating formal and informal interaction and collaboration. This includes spaces to work alone quietly, attend virtual meetings, meet, or socialize with colleagues in person, and more.

Book a Shared Workspace

Condeco is the tool used by the Faculty of Medicine to book shared workspaces, and can be accessed either by desktop or mobile app. For more information on Condeco, see the below manuals.

Condeco Training Manuals

Desktop Quick Start Guide

Mobile App Quick Start Guide

Condeco Training Manual – All Users

Condeco Training Manual – Admin Users

Condeco FAQs

1. Are there training materials or a how-to guide for using Condeco?

Yes, there are short one-page guides for Desktop and Mobile App to help teach you how to use Condeco either on your desktop or mobile. There is also a quick start guide for all users, and one for those in administrator roles and/or those that book on behalf of others. 

2. How do I access Condeco?

You can access Condeco at using your UBC CWL credentials. You can also download the Condeco Business App through the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

3.  What browser should I use for Condeco?

Condeco works best with Chrome and Firefox.

4. Do I have to sign in each time I use Condeco?

If you opt to save your CWL credentials in your browser, once you’ve signed in once with your CWL credentials the system (desktop and app) will auto save them for future sessions.

5. When I signed in a ‘personal space required’ message popped up, what should I do?

This message may appear the first time you sign in to Condeco. Fill in the required location information and then hit ‘save’ before pressing ‘ok’.

6. Condeco appears to be down, what should I do?

Please report the issue via

Booking a personal workspace

1. Do I have to book a personal workspace for a whole day?

Yes, at this time the system can only book full days. If you only require a workspace for a partial day, you should book the space for the day and check-in by 10:30am on Condeco (desktop or app) to secure your space.

2. Will partial day bookings be considered later in the pilot?

At this time, only full-day bookings are being considered.

3. What if the workday has started, should I still book a workspace through the system?

Yes, you should still book a workspace through the system to ensure that there is a workspace available for you when you arrive on site. For example, if you book a workspace for today you will not be required to check-in to secure the workspace.

4. Can I book multiple days at once?

Yes, by clicking on the calendar when you are booking a personal workspace you can select as many days as you would like to book. Once you have selected all the dates, you will be able to choose from the available workspaces.

Checking into a personal workspace

1. Where do I check in to my personal workspace?

On days when you have an individual workspace booked, the first time you log in to the Condeco desktop site a large fuchsia check-in box will appear and prompt you to check-in. On the Condeco mobile app, a blue check-in button will appear on the bottom of the app screen prompting you to check in.

2. What happens if I don’t check in by 9:30 to my personal workspace?

If you don’t check in by 9:30 the booked space will be released and made available for others to book. The system will send you an automated check-in reminder at approximately 9:20 to remind you to check in.

Editing/cancelling a personal workspace booking

1. When should I release a booked workspace if I know I won’t need it?

Please release workspaces as soon as you know that you will not need them to allow others the opportunity to use those spaces.

2. If I am done using my space but the day isn’t over, do I ‘check out’ to release the space or cancel it?

There isn’t a “check out” feature yet, and you will need to delete the booking to free up the space for others to use the rest of the day.

Booking a personal workspace on behalf of another person

1. Can anyone book a workspace on behalf of another person (i.e. can I book spaces for myself and a colleague through my CWL?)

No, only people who have admin rights can book on behalf of other people.