Technology Investments

Digital Solutions can assist units in planning, budgeting or developing business cases for large investments with a technology component. 

Technology investments at UBC

Technology investments are subject to UBC Capital Projects Policy FM 11 and must align with Faculty strategic initiatives. In addition, technology must be designed and implemented following UBC’s enterprise architecture principles and meet information security standards such as those outlined in UBC Information Systems Policy SC14

Guidance for FoM requests

The Office of the Deputy CIO Medicine is here to assist with any and all questions regarding technology investments. Reach out early in your planning process to discuss departments and unit’s unique needs and requirements. Our Governance, Strategy, and Planning team is here to advise and guide the investment request through the necessary processes.

Unsure where to start or you just need more guidance?

Preparing and developing an Investment Request

Investments in technology follow the purchasing requirements from UBC Finance. There are different processes for purchases below / above $3,500 and $75,000. More information: 

Note: UGME has a specific IT investment & project intake process. More information here

Digital Solutions Investment Request Process

Step 0. Review considerations


  • Faculty and Institutional: Based on funding source(s), who needs to review and approve the project/purchase at the Faculty level (unit, department, or center)? Is UBC approval required to proceed?
  • Security and Procurement: Have I evaluated the solution/vendor’s compliance with UBC’s Information Security Standards? What level of procurement is needed?

Strategic Alignment

  • Organizational: Does the project/purchase align with organizational goals (at the Faculty and UBC)?
  • Digital: Does the solution/vendor considered fit within the current digital environment? Does it make sense with the other solutions currently in use?


  • Cost: How much will this project/purchase cost to implement, support and maintain for the length of time required? Consider staffing and technical costs.
  • Funding: What funding has already been secured for this project/purchase? How much is yet to be funded? What are the sources of my funding?

To estimate your investment you need to include –
for the estimated duration of the contract, and including taxes:
Implementation costs (one-time vendor + internal staff salaries)
Sustainment costs (ongoing vendor + internal staff salaries)

Sample calculation table 


  • People: Do I have the necessary resources and skillset to carry on implementation and sustainment, or will I need additional resources?
  • Process and Organizational Change: Can existing processes be simplified before introducing a new solution? What changes will be introduced by the project? How will change be managed?

Step 1. Prepare & Estimate

Key questions for FOM units

1. Is the investment estimate over $75,000 (including any licenses, implementation, maintenance & support resources)? If so, a competitive tender will be required.

2. Has any funding already been secured for this proposal? If so, from where and about how much?

3. Who has already been consulted for this proposal? (stakeholders, support group(s), committees, etc.)

Step 2. Develop & Refine proposal

If the estimated investment is over $50,000:

Send completed form to

Step 3. Review & obtain approvals

  • Based on funding source(s) and investment estimate, Digital Solutions will guide the request through required approvals per UBC Capital Projects policy (FM11).
  • For all approved Investment Requests:
    • 1. The solution must comply with all applicable UBC Security Standards and Policies
    • 2. A Privacy Impact Assessment must be put in place before going into production
    • 3. A sustainment and funding plan should be put in place in advance of the end of initial contract

Support from the Office of the Deputy CIO Medicine 

We provide ongoing support to all FoM units regardless of where they are in the process. Contact us at 

We can accompany units with the following activities:

  • Consult and Refine concept
  • Advise
    • Provide guidance about potential technology costs and operational implications of your investments
    • Identify potential existing solutions that might meet your needs
    • Ensure Digital strategy alignment
  • Steward
    • Navigate and complete the University’s IT governance and project approval process
    • Prepare Investment requests and assist with Business case preparation
    • Liaise with Faculty and UBC Finance and Procurement groups
    • Facilitate Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process