Records Management

Records are one of the most valuable resources of the University. UBC produces and handles an extremely large volume of both paper and electronic documents. Thus, records need to be properly organized and accurately managed to maximize storage and be cost effective. At the same time, the University has a responsibility to protect confidential information (which includes personal information) from unauthorized viewing and use.

 Faculty of Medicine Records Management Guidelines.pdf 

Related FoM forms (please contact the Dean’s Office – Office Manager):

  • Box Label Form (Retention & Disposal Form)
  • Box Retrieval Form

While you can find general information on the Records Management main site above, below are other relevant resources about information security and related legislative standards at UBC. Please also consult with your unit/department administrator or the Office Manager (Dean’s Office) for the latest information and further guidance.

The Policy requires individual units to ensure that the appropriate security measures are observed for maintaining records containing personal or other confidential information. Please be reminded that all staff and faculty are required to complete the “Privacy and Information Security Training” course.

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