The COVID-19 pandemic transformed our understanding of work. Work is no longer defined by a physical location but rather by the work itself. Work is not somewhere you go, but something you do. With the University’s formal adoption of a hybrid work model, we believe we need to pause and thoughtfully reflect on how we work.

To this end, the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) has initiated a series of projects under the heading, Work(place) Evolution. These projects support a number of goals and commitments within the FoM’s strategic plan Building the Future: 2021-2026, and incorporate key principles and considerations from the Space & Facilities Master Plan: 2021-2032.


To create a vibrant work and learning community at the leading edge of research and education.

Guiding Principles

Individual Flourishing

Our approach to hybrid work will create space for creativity, inclusivity, wellbeing and empowerment.

Vibrant Connectivity

We will embrace hybrid work’s ability to enable collaboration and community building across teams and departments to keep the whole Faculty connected and foster an innovation mindset.

At the Leading Edge

Our approach to hybrid work will endeavor to keep the Faculty at the leading edge, not only of scholarly work, but of ways of working.

Approach: Future of Work Ecology Framework

The future of the workplace lies at the nexus of the operational environment, technology and tools, physical spaces, and culture that define where and how we work. This ‘Future of Work Ecology’ Framework orients and anchors the opportunities identified for the Faculty of Medicine’s work(place) evolution. Each of these quadrants presents areas to intervene and reconsider how we work in order to nurture and facilitate the workplace we want.

Policy & Operations

Policies and operational environment guides faculty and staff choices at work.

Technology & Tools

Adopting innovative technology and tools enables how we work.

Culture & Behaviour

Organizational norms and principles inform how we gather and work together with and across teams.

Places & Atmosphere

Space types and designs support wellness and different modes of working.

This site is for staff and managers across FoM to equip you with the knowledge and tools to do hybrid well. It brings together information and resources in all four quadrants to support us in creating the workplace of the future.