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Who We Are

MedIT provides the UBC Faculty of Medicine with IT services in support of health education, research, and administration. We work in strategic partnership with the University of Victoria, the University of Northern British Columbia and the six health authorities.  We support our customers' unique needs through the following five portfolios:

Architecture and Applications

The Architecture & Applications portfolio architects and provides technology to enable the Faculty of Medicine to deliver health curricula and assessment across British Columbia. The focus is on areas of unique Faculty requirements that go beyond the reach of core university systems. The portfolio strives to enhance the quality of learning experiences and the efficacy of the administrative processes supporting them.

Core Technologies

Core Technologies is comprised of a number of teams:  IT Service Centre, Desktop Support, Network, Systems, Collaboration Technologies, Room Scheduling and Capital Infrastructure, with close connections and matrix reporting structure with UBC IT.  Core Technologies facilitate the support of fundamental IT services that the Faculty of Medicine requires to deliver its education programs and research pursuits.  These services include desktop computing, networking, technology infrastructure (e.g. file storage, servers, etc.), video & web conferencing, and lifecycling of core elements of our distributed learning systems.   

Educational Technology

Do you have an innovative idea to enhance the teaching and learning experience? Have you identified a pedagogical or technology challenge in the curriculum? The Educational Technology portfolio recognizes that in some cases educational problems exist without a ready solution. That’s ok; we work with you to investigate the problem and identify potential solutions. Historically, we have worked with our partners (faculty, students and administrators) to create high quality, professional and impactful learning and promotional resources (videos, interactive e-modules, podcasts etc.) that enhance the curriculum by increasing engagement and access. Don’t let our current examples limit your thinking though; we are also actively exploring new technologies such as virtual/augmented reality and 360 video as options to enhance the learning experience!

Client and Partner Engagement

MedIT puts the Faculty of Medicine’s Faculty, Staff and Learners first.  Client engagement listens, consults and involves FoM clients to build purposeful, mutually beneficial and results-driven outcomes. Partner engagement maintains close working relationships with our Health Authority and University IT partners to facilitate IT alignment and provide IT services to meet FoM client needs across the province.

Change Management

Introducing change in the Faculty of Medicine is complex, particularly with multiple IT service providers and partner organizations. Change Management provides support for Faculty of Medicine initiatives to help prepare people for new processes, technology, and organizational changes.