UBC Standardized Patient Program

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Top 10 Services

  1. Planning and delivery of Standardized Patient (SP) programming, ensuring that all deliverables meet required standards within the SP Program and the SP Programs at the MDUP's distributed sites at UBCO, UVic, and UNBC
  2. Planning and delivery of SP programming, ensuring that all deliverables meet required standards of our external stake holders, the Medical Counsel of Canada (MCC), National Assessment Collaboration (NAC), and the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)
  3. Teaching SP's to simulate complex medical conditions and/or communication challenges for role plays with learners of all levels to meet the Learning Activity's specific learning objectives
  4. Teaching SPs to evaluate learners using written assessment/feedback tools
  5. Provide consultation services to faculty and external stakeholders to help determine the scope and direction of new and continuing role-play-based Learning Activities
  6. Collaborate with faculty on SP Case revision of teaching and assessment materials for SP based Learning Activities
  7. Collect feedback and data on existing programming, compiling reports and making recommendations for future improvements
  8. Develop and maintain a complex and highly confidential database of approximately 600 SPs complete with tracking performance, participation, payment and performance
  9. Conduct SP audition intake sessions to select suitable applicants to recruit into the SP program
  10. Participate in ongoing professional development and remain informed of current best practices of simulation education

Standardized Patient Trainer/Project Manager604-875-4111 
Standardized Patient Trainer/Project Manager604-875-4111
Site Coordinator604-875-4111
Standardized Patient Program Manager604-875-4111
Administrative Assistant604-875-4111
Standardized Patient Trainer
Standardized Patient Trainer/Project Manager604-875-4111
Standardized Patient Trainer/Project Manager604-875-4111
Standardized Patient Trainer/Project Manager604-875-4111