MD Undergraduate Program Curriculum Renewal

​​The UBC Faculty of Medicine MD Undergraduate Curriculum Renewal process aims to produce graduates that can meet the current and future health care needs of British Columbians.

​Why a renewed curriculum?​

There have been many changes in health care and in society since the current MDUP curriculum was last renewed in 1997, including an aging population, increasing burden of chronic disease, growing diversity of the Canadian population, advances in science and technology, and new models of health care delivery. These changes, and others, will continue to impact the practice of medicine.

Our current curriculum is a very good curriculum.  We graduate exemplary MDs year after year. However, as the only medical school in BC, we must ensure that our medical graduates are able to meet the full spectrum of current and future health care needs of society, including physicians for rural and remote areas and clinician scientists.

The Faculty’s former Dean Gavin Stuart established a Dean’s Task Force on MD Undergraduate Curriculum Renewal (DTFCR) in September 2009. In April 2010, the DTFCR produced a formal strategic plan for curriculum renewal, and submitted its recommendations in a report to the Dean.

Mission Statement

The MD Undergraduate Curriculum Renewal process aims to produce graduates that can better meet the current and future health care needs of British Columbians. It includes the review of the current MD Undergraduate Program, the implementation of the recommendations arising from the review, and engagement with internal and external stakeholders. The Curriculum Renewal process promotes innovation, cooperation, inclusiveness, transparency, fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Guiding Principles for the Renewed Curriculum

The renewed curriculum is based on the following principles, as described in the Deans Task Force on Curriculum Renewal final report:

  1. Social responsibility and accountability
  2. Competency-based curriculum
  3. Student assessment
  4. Flexibility
  5. Scholarship
  6. Integration
  7. Continuity
  8. Healthcare system


The first year of the renewed curriculum launched in August 2015. This curriculum is in place for the Class of 2019 and beyond.


Year 3 of the renewed curriculum launched in June 2017. Development of Year 4 and Transition into Postgraduate Education and Practice (TIPP) is now in progress, launching the 2018/19 academic year.

Project Team​

There have been well over 400 people involved in the process including clinicians, academics, researchers, community members, learners, administrators, students and staff.

The project is governed through a sponsorship committee - the Undergraduate Medical Education Executive (UMEX) formally MD Undergraduate Regional Executive Committee (MDUREX). The members of this committee also sit on the Curriculum Renewal Project Steering Committee along with the Regional Associate Deans, Assistant Dean, Curriculum, Director of Assessment, Administrative Director(s), and Evaluation Studies Unit representatives. The Curriculum Renewal Project Steering Committee provides strategic leadership and direction for the Curriculum Renewal project.