Activity Supervisor Role

​Learn about your role and how you could benefit from being an Activity Supervisor.

The Activity Supervisor:

  • Works with a student to develop an activity(ies)
  • Provides direction and mentorship during the student's engagement with the activity
  • Provides assessment of the student's performance during the activity

Supervisor.jpgActivity Supervisors may be contacted by students who have considerable background in the activity to be engaged in, or by students who possess little or no prior experience but a keen interest to learn more. In developing their activity, the student and Activity Supervisor will complete the FLEX Project Plan (FPP), a document outlining the parameters of the activity (roles and responsibilities of each party, anticipated time and deliverables).

Activity Supervisors also serve an important role in providing feedback to the FLEX course and the student on how well the student performed in their FLEX project. Activity supervisors will be asked questions related to the student’s performance with respect to scholarship, communication, collaboration, and professionalism.

FLEX Activity Supervisor Role 2018-2019 (Note: updated version for 2019-2020 coming soon)