Advisor Role

Find information about the Advisor role in FLEX.

Atrium.jpgGroups of eight FLEX students are assigned a mentor called a FLEX Advisor. Advisors guide students as they learn to develop learning goals and objectives, select appropriate FLEX activities, and develop skills important for self-assessment and life-long learning. Advisors work with students individually and in the small group setting to foster self-regulated and self-directed learning. Advisors also provide formative feedback to students to help them assess their own development in the domains of Scholarship, Communication, Collaboration and Professionalism.

If you are interested in becoming a FLEX Advisor, please contact our FLEX team.

Year 1

Important Dates Academic Year 2017-2018

MEDD 419 Advisor and Student Handbook

Year 2

Important Dates Academic Year 2017-2018 MEDD 429 Advisor and Student Handbook