Audio/Visual Requirements

Find audio/visual requirements with your teaching session(s).

Lecture Recording

Your site-specific program assistant will be requesting your recording consent as part of the lecture confirmation process.  

Message from Students: "Lecture recordings are a key learning resource provided by the vast majority of UBC medical lecturers and instituted routinely in Canadian medical schools. Recordings allow students to review not only the slide content, but also your explanation of the material. Further, recordings accommodate students with a range of learning preferences, needs, and (dis)abilities, and allow students to review your lectures’ key concepts at their own pace rather than relying exclusively on outside content in preparation for exams or rotations. We thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to instruct us and hope you will allow us to review your lecture in the form of a recording."

Please consider having your lecture recorded and posted on our secure internet server so that the Medical Students can use it as a learning resource.

Real Time Feedback

For real time feedback on your session, please consider using the polling tool.  Please contact your Program Assistant for more information. You can also request to have your session evaluated by faculty.  If you are interested, please contact the course co-directors.

Videoconference Bridge

The Faculty of Medicine videoconference (VC) bridge has been recently replaced. The layout of the new VC bridge is different than the old bridge. For more information please refer to New VC Bridge – Information to Instructors.

To ensure you receive the audio & visual support you need in your session(s), please:

  • Contact your Program Assistant (listed below) with any audio/visual requirements;

  • Contact your Program Assistant regarding the use of Audience Response Systems (ARS) or MedIT concerning the use of other technology within your session(s);

  • Email your PowerPoint presentation to your local Program Assistant, so it can be pre-loaded to the lecture theatre lectern before you arrive.  See contact information below.

Vancouver Fraser Medical Program ​ ​
Shirley LiYear 1 MD Undergraduate Program(604) 822-2422
Zoe Beavis
Year 2 MD Undergraduate Program(604) 875-4111 ext. 67009
Island Medical Program ​ ​
Nicole WellsYear 1 & 2 MD Undergraduate Program(250) 472-5522
Northern Medical Program ​ ​
Eileen HunsakerYear 1 & 2 MD Undergraduate Program(250) 960-5330
Southern Medical Program ​ ​
Wendy MilligenYear 1 & 2 MD Undergraduate Program(250) 807-8437