Multiple Choice Questions

How to develop and submit multiple choice questions for examinations.

As a session instructor, one of your responsibilities is to develop multiple choice questions for the content covered during your session.

We are looking for contributions of 2-4 multiple choice questions per session that are based on the week and session objectives. The week objectives can be found in the Virtual Course Book. The session objectives for your week are included in the MEDD course EA (Education Activity) form.  The EA form for each individual session will be sent to you by your Program Assistant.

Please see below links for how you may submit your multiple-choice questions for each term.

​Year 1 Term 1
​MEDD 411
Click link here
​Year 1 Term 2
​MEDD 412
not yet available
​Year 2 Term 1
​MEDD 421
Click link here
​Year 2 Term 2
​MEDD 422
not yet available
​Year 1
​MEDD 419 (FoS/FLEX)
not yet available
​Year 1 & 2
​Progress Test
not yet available
Please note that question writing guidelines are also available through these links.

For inquiries regarding Year 1 & 2 content, please contact Niyati Kasana.