Student Learning Material

Find details on student learning materials, as well as teaching payment and session evaluation.

Please note the renewed curriculum is paperless, therefore information will be made available to students via ENTRADA only.

To ensure students receive necessary learning materials on time, please:

  1. Email any electronic handout you would like to be provided for students to your Program Assistant (noted below) by the dates highlighted in your confirmation email under "Due Date" for "Presentation & Student Learning Materials".
  2. Email any other materials (PowerPoints, Summary Handouts, and other reference material) you would like to appear on ENTRADA to your Program Assistant (noted below) 10 business days before your teaching session.

If you have any questions, please contact your Site Lead through the Program Assistants (click on their name in the table below).


If you believe you are eligible for payment for your lecture, please contact your local Program Assistant.

Teacher Assessment

Teachers can expect to be regularly assessed by learners and to receive feedback. While our goal is to provide annual feedback, in some cases, it may take up to 2 years for learners to assess all teachers.

Teachers who are going for promotion, tenure or awards and would like to make sure that they are assessed, should self-identify either by contacting their course lead or their local program assistant (see below), prior to the start of the term or at least 10 business days prior to the educational activity that they are teaching in.

Vancouver Fraser Medical Program ​ ​
Kate CrowleyYear 1 MD Undergraduate Program(604) 822-2422
Zoe Beavis
Year 2 MD Undergraduate Program(604) 875-4111 ext. 67009
Island Medical Program ​ ​
Nicole WellsYear 1 & 2 MD Undergraduate Program(250) 472-5522
Northern Medical Program ​ ​
Eileen HunsakerYear 1 & 2 MD Undergraduate Program(250) 960-5330
Southern Medical Program ​ ​
Kim FiliceYear 1 & 2 MD Undergraduate Program(250) 807-8437