Student Learning Materials

Find details on student learning materials, as well as teaching payment and session evaluation.

PowerPoint Presentation and Handout

We encourage you to share learning materials with students in advance of your presentation. The renewed Undergraduate Medical Education curriculum is paperless, and learning materials are available to students via the learning management system, ENTRADA.

Learning materials may include, but are not limited to:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Summary handout
  • Reference material

Message from Students: "Students feel they gain the most from lectures by being able to read through your material in advance. This allows for greater audience engagement and depth of questioning/clarification. Many students take notes on lecturers’ slides themselves to augment the information therein; having slides in advance avoids students trying to type out slide content as you speak and allows them to be more engaged in your presentation. Slides with sensitive content, such as photographs of patients, are often made available with only the sensitive content removed. We acknowledge the challenge here, but appreciate your support in this."

Slide Submission

Please email learning materials to your Program Assistant (noted below) by the dates highlighted in your confirmation email under "Due Date" for "Presentation & Student Learning Materials" (usually 10 business days before your teaching session).


Please do not send your PowerPoint presentation in PDF format. The preferred aspect ratio for presentation slide is 4:3. Slides should contain the bare minimum to outline your talk. Carefully consider the number of slides. More is not always better. (90 slides is TOO many, try to limit to maximum of 40 slides if possible). See Faculty Development's Lecture Guide: Improving Lecture Quality for more information on developing your slides.

If you have any questions, please contact your Site Lead through the Program Assistants (click on their name in the table below).

Length of Lecture

Total length of lecture is 50 mins, not 1 hour. Lectures MUST end at 10 mins to the hour in order to allow time to set up the next lecture. Please consider using the last 5-10 mins for questions and discussion. Students really appreciate the opportunities to ask their questions and this provides opportunity for students at sites to ask questions. Limit didactic teaching to 45 mins maximum. Also please consider proper pacing of your lecture; please try to avoid rushing the second half of your lecture or assigning unfinished lecture material as self-learning.

Message from Students: "We have a voluntary, student-led initiative to help lecturers keep track of their time if they would like. A student representative will approach you at the beginning of the lecture and will offer to hold up a “5 min” and/or “1 min” sign to inform you how much time is remaining. Again, this is absolutely voluntary and is not an expectation of our lecturers."

Faculty Development and Additional Resources 

Please visit our Faculty Development site for resources to prepare for your lecture, including the links below.


If you believe you are eligible for payment for your lecture, please contact your Program Assistant. Clinical Faculty, please visit Teaching Tracking & Payment for more information.

Teacher Assessment

Teachers can expect to be regularly assessed by learners and to receive feedback. While our goal is to provide annual feedback, in some cases, it may take up to 2 years for learners to assess all teachers.

Teachers who are going for promotion, tenure or awards and would like to make sure that they are assessed, should self-identify either by contacting their course lead or their local program assistant (see below), prior to the start of the term or at least 10 business days prior to the educational activity that they are teaching in.

For more information please visit Assessment of Teachers by Learners.

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