Learn about how UGME students can report mistreatment and learning environment concerns.

The Faculty of Medicine has launched an online platform for MD students (including visiting students) to report mistreatment and learning environment concerns. This initiative is a pilot that will inform a system for all learners in the Faculty of Medicine.    

Students may come to you to discuss potential mistreatment or concerns about their learning environment. 

Steps to take:

  1. Please visit the UBC Mistreatment Help Webpage to familiarize yourself with the resources available and applicable policies. 

  2. Click on the link to MD Students: Reporting to review with the student the MD specific definitions of Mistreatment and Learning Environment Concerns, the reporting process and supportive resources.

  3. Encourage the student to Report Online.  Do not report online on behalf of the student.  

  4. If the student is reporting sexual assault or violence, please assist the student in accessing the Vancouver Sexual Violence and Prevention Office (for VFMP, IMP and NMP students) or the Okanagan Sexual Violence and Prevention Office (SMP students).


All reports will be triaged by Dr. Gurdeep Parhar's office (Executive Associate Dean - Clinical Partnerships and Professionalism).


Here is a link to the UBC Faculty of Medicine Professionalism standards.


If you have any questions please drop us a line:  Cheryl.Holmes@ubc.ca or Janette.McMillan@ubc.ca or Gurdeep.Parhar@ubc.ca

Dr. Cheryl Holmes, Associate Dean Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Janette McMillan, Associate Dean Student Affairs

Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, Executive Associate Dean Clinical Partnerships & Professionalism

UBC Faculty of Medicine