Campus Wide Login (CWL) Integration

The purpose of the CWL Integration Project (aka migration to EAD) is to simplify access to UBC systems by replacing your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) user account with a standard UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL).  

The project is broken into two phases:  Phase I involved the integration of user accounts and devices and was completed in March 2018.  Phase II involves the migration of FOM shared drives and data and will be implemented between April 2018 and March 2019.  

CWL Integration Project Phase II

Phase II of the CWL Integration Project focuses solely on the migration of client file shares from the Faculty of Medicine (FoM), including data in the related VCHRI and Research domains into the Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) integrated file services. 

During this phase, user shared drives will be migrated from their current domains (FoM, VCHRI and Research) to the UBC Platform (CWL/EAD).

It is essential that user drives be migrated, as the old domains will be retired in 2019.

As part of the CWL Integration Project, the data migration phase will affect all staff and faculty at the Faculty of Medicine.  User files will be migrated by group / department between May 2018 and March 2019.

A MedIT professional will work closely with a representative from users' teams to ensure that file migration takes place smoothly and be available to help troubleshoot any issues after migration is complete.

What will users need to do during data migration? 

  1. MedIT will email notifications to all impacted users up to three weeks before data is migrated
  2. Users will be reminded to shut down your computer on the day of the migration
  3. Users may turn on computers and login as usual the morning following the migration

Please note:  Mac computers will require a couple of extra steps; more information will be provided at the time of the migration.