Campus Wide Login (CWL) Integration

The purpose of the CWL Integration Project (aka migration to EAD) is to simplify access to UBC systems by replacing your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) user account with a standard UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL).

Service center logo.jpg UBC Software Center Update

Announcing the launch of the UBC Software Center, a new service available for all users on CWL-integrated Windows desktops and laptops. Software Center makes it easy to quickly install University-approved software on your computer, without having to go through the Service Desk, or Desktop Services.

The UBCIT Desktop Services team has already begun adding Software Center to all CWL-integrated Windows desktops and laptops.  You will see an icon appear automatically on your taskbar when the Software Center has been added to your computer. Click on it to find a list of software available for installation, including: Office 2013, Adobe Acrobat Pro, SPSS, NVivo and more. If you need to install software that is not currently available in Software Center, please contact the MedIT Service Desk.


CWL Integration Project Background:

A priority established by the Future of IT in the Faculty of Medicine initiative is enabling access to IT services to meet the Faculty's needs. The CWL Integration Project supports this by streamlining the user ID / password management process.

This change will:

  1. enable you to use the same ID and password to access both UBC's online systems and your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) services. That's one less password to remember!

  2. improve security for your account information, thanks to more resources and improved support processes;

  3. position FoM for future user ID consolidation with BC's Health Authorities;

  4. enable staff at MedIT (Faculty of Medicine IT Department) to provide you with automated and remote support, e.g., updates, upgrades, software installations.

The project will affect all staff and faculty at FoM, and groups within units/departments will be integrated progressively between 2016 and 2018.

When it is time for your group to be integrated, a MedIT professional will work closely with a representative from your team to ensure that the process takes place smoothly.

What Happens During the Integration?

Stage 1:  Kick-Off (6-8 Weeks before CWL Integration)

  • The CWL Integration project team gets in touch with a representative from your team to set up a meeting.
  • The MedIT Project Team gathers requirements and information about your needs ahead of the integration.

Stage 2:  Confirmation Meeting (6-8 Weeks before CWL Integration)

  • The MedIT Project Team and your team representative meet to go over project details. We will review the information provided by your team, and also confirm the schedule for pilot and actual team integrations.

Stage 3:  Implementation!

  • User computer settings are checked the week prior to integration – around 15 minutes
  • Computer information is synchronized after hours
  • The MedIT Project Team follows up in person the morning after the synchronization, and continues to monitor the system for the following week to provide support where needed. 

Stage 4:  Wrap-Up (One Week after Integration)

  • MedIT Project team ensures that all issues are resolved
  • Users complete a survey about their experience during the integration.


CWL Timeline.PNG