Faculty Residency Committee

Terms of Reference


The Faculty Residency Committee (FRC) is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of educational standards of postgraduate training programs at the University of British Columbia.


Ex officio, appointed and elected.

Ex Officio

  • Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education (chair)
  • Executive Associate Dean, Education
  • Executive Associate Dean, Clinical Partnerships & Professionalism
  • Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development
  • Assistant Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Director, Clinical Faculty Affairs
  • Director, IMG Program
  • All Residency Program Directors
  • All PGY-1 Program Directors
  • All Regional Specialty Program Directors


  • Four (4) Residents: 3 elected residents and the President of the Residents Association


Seven (7) Health Authority Representatives, Vice President or Equivalent:

  • Fraser Health Authority
  • Interior Health Authority
  • Northern Health Authority
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Providence Health Care (Vancouver Coastal Health)
  • Vancouver Hospital (Vancouver Coastal Health)
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority

Appointment Process

Ex officio members: membership is by virtue of their administrative appointment.

Elected and Appointed members: there is a process initiated annually by the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education to fill vacancies.


Ex officio members: membership is by virtue of their administrative appointment.

Appointed and elected members: one year, renewable.


Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education.


The Faculty Residency Committee will meet twice annually at the call of the Chair.

Committee Secretary

Administrative support to the Faculty Residency Committee will be provided by staff from the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education.


A quorum is comprised of at least 50% plus members.

Lines of Accountability

The Faculty Residency Committee is accountable to the Executive Associate Dean, Education and the Dean and reports to Faculty Executive. 

Minutes and Reports

Minutes will be prepared for all meetings. The Chair of the Faculty Residency Committee provides the Dean with a written annual report and presents it to Faculty Executive.  


The Faculty Residency Committee, with input from the Faculty Residency Executive Committee (FREC), is responsible for:

  1. establishing general policies for residency education at the University of British Columbia;

  2. maintaining educational standards of postgraduate training programs;

  3. establishing and maintaining liaison with the residency program directors and the health care administrators of the affiliated sites;

  4. conducting periodic review and evaluation of all residency programs via the Internal Review Subcommittee, which will include conducting an internal review of each residency program between regular mandated on-site surveys and as specifically mandated by the Accreditation Committees of the Colleges, and providing effective follow-up mechanism to assure implementation of recommended changes;

  5. ensuring the appropriate distribution of resources necessary for effective education in the residency programs;

  6. establishing and supervising policies for the selection, evaluation, promotion, and dismissal of residents in all programs;

  7. establishing and maintaining an appeal mechanism for matters related to postgraduate medical education decisions; 

  8. assuring that residents are allocated to teaching institutions based on educational priorities;

  9. giving clear directions to program directors and assuring that they are supported by their department/division head and the Associate Dean in the conduct of their educational programs, including the allocation of residents;

  10. appointing Program Directors by department/division heads in consultation with the Associate Dean;

  11. ensuring a proper educational environment free of intimidation, harassment and abuse with mechanisms in place to deal with such issues as they arise;

  12. establishing  a policy governing resident safety related to travel and patient encounters;

  13. ensuring that there are adequate guidelines for the supervision of residents;

  14. ensuring that all residency programs teach and evaluate the residents’ competencies as defined within the CanMEDS/CanMEDS-FM framework;

  15. ensuring that there are adequate opportunities for faculty development.

  16. adhere to FoM General Responsibilities of Standing Committees.

Records Retention

Records will be maintained in accordance with UBC and Faculty of Medicine records retention procedures.

Approved by Faculty Executive – November 20, 2012; Novemember 18, 2014 and January 20, 2015