​​​​​​​​​​​​Find an overview of the mandate and composition of each standing committee.  

Organizational Chart

Committees are responsible for specific mandates within the Faculty of Medicine. See the organizational chart for an overview of the Faculty's governance and major standing committees.

Major Standing Committees

Reporting to the Dean

Reporting to Faculty

Reporting to Faculty Executive 

General Criteria of Standing Committees

Faculty of Medicine Standing Committees must meet the following general criteria:

  • Focus on supporting the academic mission of the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Responsible for a cross-departmental mandate;
  • Accountable to Faculty Executive, Full Faculty, the Dean (or Executive Associate Dean), or MD Undergraduate Regional Executive;
  • A life of a minimum of five years (not taskforce or ad hoc);
  • Membership includes members who are elected members, external appointments and or/ex-officio; and
  • Creation, significant changes, or disbanding of Faculty of Medicine's standing committees are formally approved by Faculty Executive or Full Faculty.

General Responsibilities of Standing Committees

  • Present and submit a written annual report to the entity to whom they are accountable;
  • Participate in a review every five years by an ad hoc review committee appointed by the Dean to ensure that they are: 
    (a) current, and 
    (b) relevant to the functioning of the Faculty;
  • Follow the Faculty of Medicine's records retention procedures;
  • Submit any Terms of Reference changes to Faculty Affairs in the Dean’s Office; and
  • Adhere to the Faculty of Medicine procedure for clinical faculty payment for participation on standing committees. 

General Responsibilities of Standing Committee Members

  • Uphold the core values of the Faculty of Medicine: Excellence, Mutual Respect, Caring and Integrity;
  • Review the committee’s Terms of Reference;
  • Attend scheduled committee meetings, as time permits;
  • Participate actively in committee meetings and represent his/her discipline, unit or role;
  • Declare any potential conflicts of interest to the Chair of the committee;
  • Maintain confidentiality, as required; and
  • Obtain the chair's approval prior to sending a delegate in place of a committee member.

 Updated: February 14, 2017