Faculty of Medicine Internal CRC Tier 1 Competition

Updated Aug 22nd 2017 - PLEASE NOTE, This Competition is now Closed

Important Dates
June 26, 2017FoM Tier 1 CRC competition launch
August 14, 2017 | 9am FoM competition deadline
Fall 2017 CRC Submission
August 25, 2017FoM and UBC Full CRC Application institutional review deadline
​September 15, 2017​FoM and UBC Full CFI Application institutional review deadline (CFI application is not required for the FoM internal competition)
​October 13, 2017Final application deadline to UBC CRC Secretariat
October 24, 2017National CRC deadline (UBC CRC Secretariat will submit all nominations)
Spring 2018 CRC Submission
End of Feb 2018FoM and UBC Full Application institutional review deadline
​April 13, 2018Final application deadline to UBC CRC Secretariat
April 23, 2018National CRC deadline (UBC CRC Secretariat will submit all nominations)


With the launch of the Faculty of Medicine's 2016-2021 strategic plan, the Faculty of Medicine is looking to nominate one Faculty member for a Tier 1 CRC chair in the area of Life Course and Aging with an emphasis on Pediatric Precision Health with the following goals in mind:

  • Goal 1: Continue as a world leading research institution using that recognition to address challenges in Pediatric Precision Health nationally, and internationally;
  • Goal 2: Establish pre-eminence in the area of Child Health Transitioning to Adulthood;
  • Goal 3: Encourage innovation and initiatives in new frontiers of research;
  • Goal 4: Advance research that fosters innovation, creates knowledge, and translates discoveries to improve health practices, policies and outcomes; and
  • Goal 5: Balance leadership across all Research Priorities, platforms and themes.

A named candidate is required for this competition. This nomination is expected to go forward in either the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 national CRC competition round dependent on the preferred timing for the successful candidate.

Tier 1 Chairs are are tenable for seven years and renewable, are for outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields. For each Tier 1 chair, the institution receives $200,000 annually for seven years. Specifically, this chair holder is expected to:

  1. be an outstanding and innovative researcher whose accomplishments have made a major impact in their field(s);
  2. be recognized internationally as a leader in their field;
  3. have a superior record of attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (taking into account practices in the relevant field or discipline) and, as a chair holder, be expected to attract excellent trainees, students and future researchers;
  4. propose an original, innovative research program of the highest quality.


  • All nominations will need to be in the area of Pediatric Precision Health and demonstrate alignment with the UBC and Faculty of Medicine’s strategic plans with a focus on this priority area, taking into account the platforms and themes outlined in the Strategic Research Plans.
  • Applications may come from research across priorities/platforms/themes.
  • Applications will be accepted from Centres and research clusters for candidates but will need to be partnered and supported by a home department/school where the CRC will reside.
  • Departments/Schools may also submit candidates independently of Centres/research clusters as appropriate.
  • Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of peers who will make a recommendation to the Dean.
  • Only the CRC application is required by the FoM competition deadline, but selected nominees will need to complete the CFI-JELF Partnership application for the FoM and UBC Full Application institutional review deadline
    • Guidelines for completing JELF proposal - Partnerships are provided below for planning purposes, given the tight timelines of this competition

CRC Application*

*Please Note: Only the CRC Application (Research Project Summary, Application, CV and Attachments and Letters of Reference**) is required for the Aug 14th Internal FoM Competition Deadline

**The letters of reference (addressed to the CRC secretariat) must be sent directly to the Faculty of Medicine to juzer.kakal@ubc.ca

Research Project Summary

Provide a 100 word summary, written in lay language, describing the uniqueness and importance of the proposed research program. This summary may be used for publicity purposes.


The CRC application is comprised of 3 sections:

  1. Quality of the Nominee (maximum 1 page - written by the Department/Centre/Institute, third person)
  2. Description of the proposed research program (maximum six pages excluding a) executive summary and f) list of references (total 8 pages) – written by the nominee (first person))
    1. Executive summary (100 words maximum, on a separate page)
    2. Context
    3. Methodology
    4. Engagement with research users and communication of results
    5. Description of proposed training strategies
    6. List of references (maximum one page, on a separate page)
  3. Quality of the Institutional Environment, the Institutional Commitment, and the Fit of the Proposed Chair with the University's Strategic Research Plan (maximum 6 pages - written by the department, third person)

CV and Attachments

The CV must include Contact information, Areas of Expertise, Academic Background, Experience (academic, research, professional and industrial) Research Funding/Support, and attachments outlined under the CV attachments section in the following template:

Faculty of Medicine 2017 CRC Competition - CV template

Please Note: The final CV must be created in the CRC portal. The template above is provided as a guideline and provides the breakdown for the CV attachments that must be submitted separately.

Letters of Reference

Nominees require three letters of reference* as outlined at http://www.chairs-chaires.gc.ca/program-programme/referees-repondants-eng.aspx.

For Tier 1 nominations all three letters must be from established authorities in the field. One letter must be from an international authority in the field, i.e., a recognized authority in the nominee's field who does not reside in the country in which the nominee is currently working. Letters in support of Tier 1 nominations should emphasize the international stature of the nominee, the specific impacts of their research, the broader value of their research contributions, and HQP.

*Referees must not be in a conflict of interest with the nominee.

Optional: Infrastructure Grant (CFI-JELF) Proposal

*Please Note: The Optional CFI Application is due for internal institutional review on Sept 15th, after the nominee has been selected from the internal FoM competition. Only the nominee who has been invited to the national CRC competition would need to complete the optional infrastructure proposal.

Please complete this proposal as outlined by the CFI Guidelines for completing JELF proposal - Partnerships (PDF). The CFI proposal is not required by the FoM competition deadline for adjudication purposes. Only the selected CRC candidate will need to complete this application if they wish to apply for Infrastructure funding from CFI.

For this competition, the following elements of the CFI-JELF application are required:

  • Plain Language Summary (1500 characters)
  • Project Summary (Maximum 2 pages)
  • Assessment Criteria (Maximum 10 pages including figures and references)
    • Demonstrating the need and appropriateness of the requested infrastructure to complete the research or technology development program
    • Demonstrating that the research or technology development program has the potential to lead to tangible benefits for society, health, the economy and/or the environment
  • Finance module showing:
    • Cost of individual items
    • Contributions from eligible partners
    • Infrastructure utilization table
    • Floor plans (if applicable)

Application Package Presentation Instructions

This Faculty of Medicine competition will closely follow the CRC National Program guidelines and criteria (12 point font, 2cm margins, single spaced text (max 6 lines per inch) on 8.5" X 11" paper).

Nominees or Nominators must submit the CRC application package as a PDF file to juzer.kakal@ubc.ca with the following file naming convention:

LASTNAME_First Initials - FoMCRC2017-T1.pdf

The letters of reference (addressed to the CRC secretariat) must be sent directly to the Faculty of Medicine to juzer.kakal@ubc.ca


If you have any questions, please contact Juzer Kakal, Strategic Programs Officer.