Signature Process


1. Department/Centre

PI sends application package to department head and (if applicable) centre director for approval.

Confirm turnaround time with department/centre.

2. Dean’s Office

PI sends application package to Dean’s signature contact for approval.

Allow 2 business days for turnaround for research grants.

Allow 6 business days for turnaround for salary awards.

3. Office of Research Services (ORS)

Dean’s signature contact sends application package to ORS for institutional approval.

Allow 2 business days for turnaround.

During busy grant periods (Sep – Nov and Jan – Mar) please allow 2-5 business days for turnaround.

4. Submit to Funding Agency

ORS returns application to PI. PI submits to funding agency.​​​

Important Reminders:

  • Please start the signature process at least 1-2 weeks before the agency deadline. Signatures for grants submitted after the suggested times cannot be guaranteed.
  • Application packages must be complete (all sections completed and all supporting documentation attached); incomplete applications cannot be approved/signed.

Required Signatures

All research project applications must include a Research Project Information Form, to be signed by the following individuals in the listed order:

  1. Principal Investigator (must hold a full-time faculty appointment at UBC)
  2. Department Head/School Director
  3. Centre Director (if funding will be administered by the Centre, or using Centre space/resources)
  4. Faculty of Medicine Dean, Research
  5. Director, Office of Research Services

Please note that the Principal Investigator is the only signature that does NOT have an alternative signing authority. In the event that the Department Head or Centre/School Director is not available, please refer to the Signing Authority Sheet for alternatives.

Signature Contacts

  • Faculty approval for salary award applications must be sent to, Research Awards & Funding Officer, at the Dean’s Office located on UBC Point Grey campus at 317-2194 Health Sciences Mall (Woodward IRC Building).
  • All other applications are signed by the Associate Dean, Research, at your site. The signature contacts are listed in the table below. Please note that the signature process may differ between sites; be sure to click on your respective Link to confirm.
Site/InstitutionContact DetailsAssociate Dean, ResearchSignature Process
BC Cancer AgencyKaren Hagan*
Dr. Francois BenardSignature Process Link
1) BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

2) BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services Research Institute

3) Women’s Health Research Institute
Nur Eisma*
Dr. Quynh DoanSignature Process Link
Providence Health Care Research InstituteGwen Sin*
Dr. Darryl KnightSignature Process Link
1) UBC Point Grey (excludes most of UBC Hospital and Centre for Brain Health)

2) BC Centre for Disease Control
Evelina Tolstykh
Dr. Robert McMaster 
Vancouver Coastal Health Care Research Institute
(includes most of UBC Hospital and Centre for Brain Health)
Sybil Zhang*
Susan O’Neil*
604-875-4111 ext. 21692
Dr. Teresa TsangSignature Process Link
*Signature contact is also the Office of Research Services contact for the respective site.

Signature Process for Postdocs, Clinical Fellows, and Students

In general, trainee funding applications will require a signature for one of two reasons:

  1. To confirm institutional funding and support for the research expenses OR
  2. To confirm program enrolment/credentials (or good standing)

1. If you require a signature to confirm institutional funding and support

Please follow the normal signature process outlined above. Note that all applications requiring the Dean’s signature must be accompanied by the required documents. According to Policy 87, UBC research accounts will not be opened for students; therefore, as a trainee, your grant funds must be managed by your supervisor. Your supervisor should be listed on the Research Project Information Form (RPIF) as the UBC PI. Your name should be listed as the trainee in section B of the RPIF.

2. If you require a signature to confirm enrolment/credentials

  • Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellows: contact your program office or departmental/school administrator.
  • Graduate Students: Contact your Graduate Program Assistant.
  • MD students: VFMP students (or students currently in Vancouver) should contact the Student Affairs office. IMP, NMP and SMP students should contact your local Student Affairs Coordinator to have your application signed by the Associate or Assistant Dean, Student Affairs at your location. Please note that Student Affairs requests that applications be submitted 5 business days in advance of the granting agency’s deadline to allow adequate time for credential confirmation, letter preparation and signatures. Signatures for grants submitted after this time cannot be guaranteed.
  • Non-MD students: contact your program office.​​​